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Neighbour who knifed mother and daughter to death given manslaughter on diminished responsibility

19/03/2019 • 17:00 Daily Mail

Jack Ralph, 28, who searched 'How long for murder?' before stabbing two neighbours was today convicted of the manslaughter of Margaret Harris, 78, and …

Ex-headteacher admits taking cocaine while watching live-streamed video of children being abused

19/03/2019 • 16:57 Daily Mail

Shamed former headteacher Paul Newbury, of Wood Green, London, used the online nickname ‘north London’ while watching a 10-year-old being abused in …

Mukesh Ambani: India's richest man pays $77m to save brother from jail after helping put him out of business

19/03/2019 • 16:52 The Independent

'I and my family are grateful that we have moved beyond the …

Police yet to formally request Snapchat data in Breck Bednar investigation

19/03/2019 • 16:50 Daily Mail

Breck, 14, was stabbed to death by Lewis Daynes in Grays, Essex in 2014. Earlier this year, Breck's mother Lorin (pictured) said he had sent taunting …

Josef Fritzl 'is dying' ten years after he's jailed for keeping daughter as a sex slave for 24 years

19/03/2019 • 16:48 Daily Mail

Josef Fritzl, 84, who is currently behind bars in Krems-Stein prison, in Austria, is reportedly suffering from dementia and his condition has …

Fox News hires former DNC chair Donna Brazile who left CNN after tipping off Clinton about 2016 debate questions

19/03/2019 • 16:46 The Independent

Former CNN commentator returns to TV following resignation over Wikileaks email …

Hunt opponents' cars rammed by masked men driving off-road vehicle in violent clash

19/03/2019 • 16:46 Video The Independent

'I've been assaulted on several occasions but this was by far the most extreme incident I've been involved in', saboteur …

Sedate world of crafts is rocked after apparent crude insult to rival in magazine word search

19/03/2019 • 16:44 Daily Mail

EXCLUSIVE: Bad feelings festering in the UK craft market appear have come to a head in the latest edition of Create & Craft Magazine after the word …

Muslim community pressures private Islamic school in Croydon to stop girl pupils from scuba diving

19/03/2019 • 16:43 Daily Mail

A private Muslim school in Croydon, South London has been pressured by members of its community to stop girls from doing scuba diving, a report has …

Crew make emergency ascent after fire on British research submarine

19/03/2019 • 16:30 The Independent

'It's the greatest fear: fire inside the cockpit,' says …

The rise of women's sport won't mean fewer Messi hat-tricks - men must stop treating it as a threat

19/03/2019 • 16:27 The Telegraph

Lords' call for cycling licences branded 'woefully out of touch'

19/03/2019 • 16:27 UK The Independent

Peers angered by rush-hour cyclists in Westminster call for tougher rules despite evidence new paperwork would stifle Britain's bike …

Tirreno-Adriatico 2019 – stage seven results and standings: Primoz Roglic claims narrowest of victories as Victor Campenaerts wins final day time trial

19/03/2019 • 16:21 The Telegraph

The teenage dandy's tale: how a female biographer saw Chaucer afresh

19/03/2019 • 16:19 Culture The Guardian

The young Canterbury Tales author was paraded by his employer in scandalously tight outfits, says Oxford academic Marion Turner He may be revered as …

Trump gets Supreme Court victory as judges allow immigrant detention 'indefinitely without bail'

19/03/2019 • 16:16 World The Independent

Dissenting liberal minority says ruling gives US government power to detain people for minor crimes years after their …

Kazakh president who ruled since end of Soviet Union resigns

19/03/2019 • 16:15 UK The Telegraph

Republican congressman Steve King posts meme warning red states have '8 trillion bullets' in event of civil war

19/03/2019 • 16:15 World The Independent

Former White House ethics chief accuses Iowa congressman of committing …

Team Sky confirm takeover by Britain's richest man and change name to Team Ineos for new season

19/03/2019 • 16:13 The Telegraph

Woman who climbed Statue of Liberty gets probation for immigration protest

19/03/2019 • 16:12 The Guardian

Therese Patricia Okoumou must also do community service Protest targeted Trump family separation policy The woman who climbed the base of the Statue …

Drink-driver is caught on her own dashcam clambering out of the driving seat

19/03/2019 • 16:07 Daily Mail

Caroline Jeffery, 45, was caught drink-driving when she smashed her Volkswagen Golf into a set of traffic lights in Crowborough, East Sussex. She told …