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Could Nigel Farage still cost Boris Johnson victory at the general election?

11/11/2019 • 20:10 Daily Mail

He announced the party will fight for seats held by Labour and other Remainer MPs. But while helping secure the Tory base vote, it may hamper them …

Parts of the ocean have seven times more plastic than fish, study finds

11/11/2019 • 20:00 UK The Telegraph

Rapist sexually assaulted five-year-old on way home from prison release

11/11/2019 • 19:51 The Independent

'To sexually assault a child before he'd even made it home is beyond reprehensible,' says police …

'Lock him up': How Trump turned Veterans Day into an angry sporting event

11/11/2019 • 19:50 World The Independent

In Midtown Manhattan, president's presence turns a day of reverence into a hostile …

Walgreens heading for biggest private equity buyout ever, says report

11/11/2019 • 19:49 The Guardian

Shares jumped 6% after Bloomberg report that Walgreens Boots Alliance received buyout from KKR Global drugstore chain Walgreens Boots Alliance has …

British Indians warn Hindu party not to meddle in UK elections

11/11/2019 • 19:45 The Guardian

They say UK support group for BJP, India’s ruling party, is trying to divide them UK parties struggle to turn WhatsApp into campaign weapon British …

Mexico sells three of El Chapo's homes, including one with a secret underground tunnel

11/11/2019 • 19:43 Daily Mail

Mexico sold three of the six homes it confiscated from Joaquín ' El Chapo ' Guzmán at an auction in Mexico City on …

Liberal Democrats launch legal challenge against ITV over election debate

11/11/2019 • 19:42 Daily Mail

The Liberal Democrats today launched a legal challenge against ITV over the broadcaster's decision to exclude Jo Swinson from a general election …

'It means more than extra' - Stefanos Tsitsipas revels in first win over rival Daniil Medvedev

11/11/2019 • 19:37 The Telegraph

Labour MPs press Corbyn to co-operate with Remain parties after Farage stands down candidates

11/11/2019 • 19:34 UK The Independent

Brexit Party leader says his climbdown is best way of preventing a second …

Bernie Sanders unveils $62bn VA plan as other 2020 Democrats propose robust plans to help veterans

11/11/2019 • 19:30 Video The Independent

'When I am president, we will keep our promise to our veterans,' Vermont senator and 2020 hopeful …

Nigel Farage is a quitter not a fighter – his latest political sideshow makes that clear

11/11/2019 • 19:23 UK The Independent

In Hartlepool, the Brexit Party leader announces the world's first one-man alliance, proof that the only person Nigel Farage does favours for is Nigel …

Judge throws out Trump's attempt to stop release of tax returns

11/11/2019 • 19:22 World The Independent

Donald Trump cannot sue New York State officials in a Washington courtroom in order to stop the release of his tax returns, a federal judge has …

T-Mobile's chief executive is in talks to become WeWork's new boss 

11/11/2019 • 19:11 Tech The Telegraph

Draft of the historic WWII surrender agreement is on sale for $3.5million 

11/11/2019 • 18:58 Daily Mail

The document was signed on May 7, 1945, in Reims, France, by Nazi officials who were presented with it by Great Britain, the U.S., France and …

Power vacuum looms as Evo Morales resignation splits Bolivia

11/11/2019 • 18:57 World The Guardian

Morales claims he is victim of coup amid reports of looting, vandalism and arson Bolivia has been plunged into chaos and uncertainty as a power …

Skateboarder, 29, is ordered to tear down the 'harmful' 23ft-long £1,000 halfpipe ramp he built

11/11/2019 • 18:56 Daily Mail

Ross Salitura regularly practised his skills on the 23ft long structure and has lost a battle with council bosses for it to remain at the property in …

Farage’s Brexit move means a pact among progressives is now urgent | Polly Toynbee

11/11/2019 • 18:54 Politics The Guardian

By standing aside for the Tories, he’s made a hard Brexit much more likely. Remainers have to work together Nigel Farage has set his stamp on this …

Africa's women embrace modern birth control as experts hail rapid rise in contraception use

11/11/2019 • 18:35 The Telegraph

Dozens of doctors issue 'grave' safety warning over plans to reform NHS cancer services

11/11/2019 • 18:33 The Independent

Exclusive: NHS leaders are aiming to centralise hundreds of bladder and kidney cancer operations a year at the University Hospital of South …