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GPs call for end of the 10-minute consultation amid warnings slots among shortest in western world

20/05/2019 • 23:01 The Telegraph

Oxford University agrees to let in disadvantaged students with lower grades

20/05/2019 • 23:01 The Telegraph

Autism scandal: children as young as 11 locked in isolation for years on end 

20/05/2019 • 23:01 The Telegraph

Philip Hammond issues warning to Boris over No Deal

20/05/2019 • 22:58 Daily Mail

Adding to Tory woes tonight, Philip Hammond will warn Boris Johnson and other Brexiteer party leadership candidates that they have ‘no mandate’ for No …

Gaining OR losing weight in old age raises the risk of dementia

20/05/2019 • 22:33 Health Daily Mail

A study by Kyungpook National University in South Korea found people over 60 who gain or shed more than ten per cent of their BMI over two years are …

Rapid weight loss or gain when elderly could be sign of Alzheimer's

20/05/2019 • 22:30 The Telegraph

French court orders life support to resume for man in vegetative state

20/05/2019 • 22:26 World The Guardian

Doctors had halted nutrition and hydration to Vincent Lambert, a 42-year-old with severe brain damage A Paris appeals court has ordered the …

Women’s World Cup: Fifa say tickets bought together may not be next to each other

20/05/2019 • 22:09 Sport The Guardian

• Fifa: ‘Unfortunately we will not be able to modify your order’ • Buyers call for rethink in response to Twitter announcement Fifa has told fans that …

Save our post offices! Mail launches campaign to preserve vital branches closing in their thousands 

20/05/2019 • 22:05 Daily Mail

More than 1,000 British post offices have already shut, and 3,000 other branches described as the ‘last shop in the village’ are only being kept alive …

Moped gang armed with machetes raid jeweller's shop 

20/05/2019 • 22:04 UK The Telegraph

Model railway owners tell ROBERT HARDMAN of their delight at donations

20/05/2019 • 22:02 Daily Mail

The members of Market Deeping Model Railway Club were last night in tears all over again following an astonishing global response to their appeal for …

'I don't feel safe': Alabama newspapers publish letters by women on abortion ban

20/05/2019 • 22:02 The Guardian

Three local publications devoted their Sunday editions to essays from women, ranging from fear to grappling with personal beliefs Three major Alabama …

Former World's fattest man Paul Mason reveals he is moving back to UK from USA

20/05/2019 • 21:55 Daily Mail

Paul Mason, 59, originally from Suffolk, Ipswich, was 70 stone (980lb) at his heaviest and once branded himself the heaviest person on the …

Elderly woman believed mirror messages left by young lover in murder plot were from God, court hears

20/05/2019 • 21:43 Video The Independent

One message left for Ann Moore-Martin read: 'All that you give him, He will return, Ten …

Patients are STILL not being warned of withdrawal pain from depression pills, say experts 

20/05/2019 • 21:38 Daily Mail

Patients are still not being warned how difficult it can be to come off antidepressants, say psychiatrists campaigning for a reduction in the needless …

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS brands Game Of Thrones finale 'the dullest story ever' and awards it two stars 

20/05/2019 • 21:36 Daily Mail

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: The Game of Thrones finale – aired in the UK at 2am yesterday to coincide with the US screening – was 75 minutes of the dullest …

Game of Thrones: was this the cheesiest ending in TV history?

20/05/2019 • 21:35 Culture The Guardian

After eight years of harrowing drama, the fantasy epic has gone out in a blaze of corn. It proved as maddening as it was gratifying • Game of Thrones …

Hygiene products women REALLY don't need

20/05/2019 • 21:34 Daily Mail

The feminine hygiene market is forecasted to be worth £33.5 billion worldwide by 2022, according to analyst Allied Market …

Is this proof just one tube of NHS wonder cream really can reverse sun damage and stop skin cancer? 

20/05/2019 • 21:32 Health Daily Mail

Lavinia Newlands, from Amberley, West Sussex, is one of thousands to have dangerous sun damage - but a single treatment of Daylight PDT could be the …

Fifa under fire for Women's World Cup ticket fiasco

20/05/2019 • 21:31 The Telegraph