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Mother, 37, who was left in agony for SIX MONTHS discovers she'd fractured her SPINE

9/12/2019 • 13:59 Daily Mail

EXCLUSIVE: Heather Clatworthy, 37, from Warwickshire, fractured her back when in labour with her first child, Lilly, but didn't find out until she had …

Miss Universe 2019: Contestants put on a colourful display as Miss South Africa is crowned winner 

9/12/2019 • 13:59 Daily Mail

Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi, has been crowned the Miss Universe 2019 winner after beating runners-up Puerto Rico's Madison Anderson and Mexico's …

Mother begs family and friends not to rush to visit a new baby

9/12/2019 • 13:54 Daily Mail

Katie Bowman, from Australia, 29, took to Facebook to explain how she felt overwhelmed with the amount of guests rushing to meet her eldest daughter, …

Golden Globes 2020 Nominations

9/12/2019 • 13:52 Daily Mail

Streaming giant Netflix stole the show at the Golden Globes on Monday with Marriage Story getting six nominations, The Irishman getting five and The …

Top London specialist loved by Victoria's Secret models reveals how to achieve instant flat tummy

9/12/2019 • 13:52 Daily Mail

London-based Flavia Morellato, originally from Brazil, uses a lymphatic drainage technique to detox the body and reduce bloating …

Out-of-control car screeches off road before smashing into a wall and rolling into a front yard

9/12/2019 • 13:52 Daily Mail

The black Ford Focus skids off the road, flipping through the air before landing in a garden on a 30mph residential street in Redhill, Surrey, on …

Best Christmas gift ideas 2019: A guide to the top presents for your wish list this year

9/12/2019 • 13:51 The Telegraph

Sesame Street receives Kennedy Center Honors to rare bipartisan cheer

9/12/2019 • 13:49 The Guardian

Members of both parties could be seen applauding as show is recognized at America’s most prestigious performing arts awards The children’s favourite …

U.S. officials 'repeatedly lied about Afghanistan war for 18 years'

9/12/2019 • 13:48 Daily Mail

In a lengthy article published on Monday, the Post claims that top officials knew the military's chances were slim but that they routinely hid the …

A beginner's guide to Elf on the Shelf: How to play, easy ideas and where to buy one

9/12/2019 • 13:47 The Telegraph

Travel on Trial: What happened at a futuristic ‘biohacking human upgrade centre’ in Beverly Hills

9/12/2019 • 13:40 The Telegraph

Extinction Rebellion shuts down key roads in Manchester and London to protest air pollution

9/12/2019 • 13:38 Video The Independent

Action dubbed 'Air we grieve' to highlight deaths caused by poor air …

Golden Globes nominations 2020: Marriage Story and The Irishman set for battle

9/12/2019 • 13:37 Culture The Guardian

Awards shaping up as three-way fight between Marriage Story – which leads with six nominations – and Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman and Quentin …

What are the odds of a White Christmas - and will it snow on election day 2019?

9/12/2019 • 13:33 The Telegraph

Rapper 'shoots' Boris Johnson and acts out stabbing a politician in video

9/12/2019 • 13:31 Daily Mail

Drillminister also acts out stabbing a politician with a polling station pencil in the YouTube film, which was made with £16,500 funding from the …

Study finds athletes are better at tuning their brain to understand what's going on around them 

9/12/2019 • 13:29 Health Daily Mail

Athletes are more able to reduce 'brain noise' to process external sounds. Researchers at Northwestern University said this makes them more aware of …

Boris Johnson 'hates' working class people and Labour will deliver him a bigger shock at general election than 2017, McDonnell says

9/12/2019 • 13:28 UK The Independent

Shadow chancellor dismisses fears that Labour heartland voters are deserting to Conservatives, insisting 'They have had enough. I think they want real …

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez say company seeking HIV patent extension 'deceitful and immoral'

9/12/2019 • 13:24 The Guardian

Trump urged to block company from holding back drug from market Opinion: Defeating HIV is more about politics than science Bernie Sanders and …

Boris Johnson refuses to look at photo of four-year-old boy on hospital floor, takes reporter's phone and puts it in his pocket

9/12/2019 • 13:18 UK The Independent

Boris Johnson has refused to look at a picture of a four-year-old boy forced to lie on the floor in an NHS hospital, eventually taking the phone of a …

Pasta crimes rock Italian town and threaten traditional culinary art

9/12/2019 • 13:16 World The Independent

After a restaurant is busted for serving untraceable orecchiette, the pasta makers of Bari fear for their future, finds Jason …