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Brits take to Twitter to share the amusing things on their buck list

21/10/2019 • 10:39 Daily Mail

Humorous checklists were posted on Twitter under #AwfullyBritishBucketList which quickly started trending as Brits shared aspirations such as seeing …

How the numbers add up on Brexit deal and possible amendments

21/10/2019 • 10:35 Politics The Guardian

Could the Commons back PM’s deal, an all-UK customs union or a second referendum? Brexit latest: the day’s developments As the longstanding political …

Barber, 29, converts 1970s Airstream caravan into a mobile luxury salon and cocktail bar

21/10/2019 • 10:24 Daily Mail

Cameron Stananought, from Liverpool, has been running The Silver Bullet salon since February. Travelling around the UK, he once popped up in a field …

Can a 'slum tour' ever be ethical?

21/10/2019 • 10:24 The Telegraph

Kate Middleton shares her FIRST Instagram post with emotional photographs from Pakistan

21/10/2019 • 10:21 Daily Mail

Kate Middleton, 37, shared a gallery of images showing her and Prince William playing cricket and meeting children at the SOS Orphanage in Lahore …

Google 'is putting internet shoppers at risk by refusing to remove links to scam websites'

21/10/2019 • 10:21 Daily Mail

The internet giant includes first-page results featuring counterfeit sellers when people use the search engine as scammers target UK shoppers to …

Halloween display at Red Cross charity shop depicting decapitated baby causes outrage

21/10/2019 • 10:21 Daily Mail

The figurine was spotted at a Red Cross charity shop in Southbourne, Bournemouth, at the weekend. It formed part of a larger Halloween display, but …

Labrador Retriever Buddy leaves a perfect dry patch outline after staying put during a rainstorm

21/10/2019 • 10:20 Daily Mail

Paul Williams, from Newtown, Wales, had called Buddy inside as it rained but the hound didn't budge. Mr Williams was tickled by the perfect outline …

Women's hockey talking points: Beeston double-header attracts record audience

21/10/2019 • 10:19 The Telegraph

Heartbroken figure skater leaps over picture of his late brother and weeps during emotional routine

21/10/2019 • 10:15 Daily Mail

Keegan Messing, 27, wept as he performed at a Skate America gala in Las Vegas. His younger brother, Paxon, 26, died less than a month ago in a …

Wales vs South Africa, Rugby World Cup 2019 semi-final: What time is kick-off, what TV channel is it on and what are the latest odds?

21/10/2019 • 10:14 The Telegraph

Grandmother, 79, left with half-built extension after handing rogue builder her £13,000 life savings

21/10/2019 • 10:11 Daily Mail

Sandra Robinson, 79, from Glan Conwy, Wales, says she paid £13,000 to builders. But the local firm left a leaking roof, a half-built extension, and …

Trump is peddling hate in Minnesota. To defeat him, look to Hubert Humphrey | Samuel G Freedman

21/10/2019 • 10:00 The Guardian

Humphrey’s efforts against bigotry launched his national political career and changed the nature of the state he represented Several toxic screeds …

'$50bn is pocket change': opioid makers on trial in Ohio after talks collapse

21/10/2019 • 10:00 World The Guardian

Teva and three drug distributors in last-minute settlement Firms were to be accused of profiting from addiction and death Four major pharmaceutical …

The lost river: Mexicans fight for mighty waterway taken by the US

21/10/2019 • 10:00 World The Guardian

The Colorado River serves over 35 million Americans before reaching Mexico – but it is dammed at the border, leaving locals on the other side with a …

Newborn baby buried alive and left for dead by 'family who thought it had died'

21/10/2019 • 09:59 Daily Mail

A newborn baby was discovered buried alive by Jiao Xinglu and Zhou Shangdong, who were hunting for mushrooms in the mountains near Laiwu, east China, …

Stubborn dog lifted up by owner on walk in Blackhall Colliery County Durham

21/10/2019 • 09:59 Daily Mail

Buddy the dog was playing with his favourite toy - a large stick - in a park near Blackhall Colliery, County Durham when his owner tried to take it …

Stephen Lawrence's brother: It will take a generation to end Britain's knife crime epidemic

21/10/2019 • 09:51 Daily Mail

Stuart Lawrence, 42, warned that UK teenagers have become 'numbed' to violence through graphic social media, music videos and computer games and …

Bolivia's Evo Morales faces second round run-off in bid for controversial fourth term

21/10/2019 • 09:49 UK The Telegraph

Leicester University student pictured wearing T-shirt with 'Hitler wanted my kind alive' on it

21/10/2019 • 09:49 Daily Mail

The photograph, believed to have been taken inside a McDonald's in Leicester city centre, was shared on social media and came to the attention of the …