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TV reporter is knocked out live on air at a feminist rally calling for stronger rape laws

19/08/2019 • 09:32 Daily Mail

Juan Manual Jimenez fell to the ground after a protester slammed their fist in to his face as he was reporting for the TV network ADM 40 in Mexico …

Forget Oxford and Cambridge - 7 underrated university cities to visit instead

19/08/2019 • 09:30 The Telegraph

Bombs hit restaurants and public squares in eastern Afghanistan

19/08/2019 • 09:27 World The Guardian

At least 34 people wounded in Jalalabad as country marks 100 years of independence A series of bombings struck restaurants and public squares on …

Scandal at sea: Five improbable tales from the golden age of cruising

19/08/2019 • 09:25 The Telegraph

Home Office stabbing: Dominic Hornberger charged with grievous bodily harm after civil servant slashed with knife

19/08/2019 • 09:25 Politics The Independent

A man has been charged with attacking a civil servant outside the Home …

Remember the name: 16-year-old Eduardo Camavinga at the heart of Rennes victory over Paris Saint-Germain

19/08/2019 • 09:23 The Telegraph

Feeding the future: Fixing the world's faulty food system

19/08/2019 • 09:22 UK The Telegraph

Feeding the future: 'We have to recognise that we can’t carry on as we are'

19/08/2019 • 09:21 The Telegraph

British teacher, 22, and her American colleague, 18, seriously hurt in Cambodia

19/08/2019 • 09:21 World Daily Mail

Zoe Eleftheriou, 22, from Medway, Kent, and Abigail Alexander, 18, from Miamisburg, Ohio, were hit by the blast while riding a motorcycle together in …

Ex-Sudan president Omar al-Bashir in court on corruption charges

19/08/2019 • 09:20 World The Guardian

High-profile trial could lead to years in prison for deposed ruler Omar al-Bashir , the former president of Sudan, has appeared in court for the …

Iran warns US against seizing tanker at sea as re-named Grace-1 1eaves Gibraltar

19/08/2019 • 09:13 UK The Telegraph

Pretty petals! FEMAIL reveals how to look fabulous in rose print florals this summer

19/08/2019 • 09:12 Daily Mail

FEMAIL picked out a selection of fashionable rose print items to help you look fabulous in florals this summer. Their chosen garments include a yellow …

Regular waste collection dramatically reduces number of disease-carrying flies, study finds

19/08/2019 • 09:08 The Telegraph

Insomniacs may have a greater risk of coronary artery disease, heart failure and stroke

19/08/2019 • 09:01 Health Daily Mail

Researchers in Sweden found people with a genetic trait for insomnia faced higher odds of heart disease or a …

Teenage gaming addicts are being forced to travel to the Netherlands for rehabilitation

19/08/2019 • 09:01 Health Daily Mail

The treatment centre Yes We Can is the only rehabilitation clinic solely for child gamers in Europe. Of the 55 young addicts treated so far this year, …

City swimming, Swiss-style: a ride down the Rhine in Basel

19/08/2019 • 09:00 Lifestyle The Guardian

Bathing, barbecues and buvettes are part of the culture in a city that promotes swimming in its majestic river – and it’s a chance for some great …

Wolverhampton crash: At least five injured after car smashes into tram on ring road

19/08/2019 • 08:58 Politics The Independent

At least five people have been injured after a car crashed into a tram in Wolverhampton at the height of rush …

Pig to human heart transplants 'possible within three years'

19/08/2019 • 08:52 UK The Guardian

Pioneer UK surgeon Sir Terence English says adapted organs could transform treatment Adapted pig hearts could be transplanted into patients within …

Matalan shop assistant, 33, spared prison after spending £100k cocaine money on holidays

19/08/2019 • 08:50 Daily Mail

Colleen Campbell worked part time for Matalan and relied on tax credits yet went on trips with her husband Thomas to Cancun, Sharm El Sheikh, Gran …

Two men spark fury after 'surfing' on a WHALE SHARK in cruel stunt off of Caribbean resort 

19/08/2019 • 08:44 World Daily Mail

A tourist and a tour operator (pictured left) have caused outrage by posing for photos surfing on the back of a whale shark (pictured left and right) …