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Bizarre night-hunting crab forces scientists to reconsider evolution of modern species

24/04/2019 • 17:01 Science The Independent

'Callichimaera defies all of these 'crabby' features and forces a re-think of our definition of what makes a crab a …

Scientists create decoder to turn brain activity into speech

24/04/2019 • 17:00 Science The Guardian

Technology could effectively give voice back to people with conditions such as Parkinson’s Scientists have developed a decoder that can translate …

Robot surgeon pokes its way inside human body to fix leaky heart

24/04/2019 • 17:00 Video The Independent

Bioengineers liken it to a self-driving car navigating to a desired destination inside a human …

Mind-reading device created by scientists to help stroke patients speak again 

24/04/2019 • 17:00 The Telegraph

Innovative'lighter than air' could be an alternative to satellites

24/04/2019 • 16:58 Science Daily Mail

Researchers from the University of the Highlands and Islands Scotland have successfully test flown a large scale aircraft using 'variable-buoyancy …

Boeing sees $1 billion in extra cost on 737 MAX

24/04/2019 • 16:57 Daily Mail

Boeing Co on Wednesday abandoned its 2019 financial outlook because of uncertainty surrounding the 737 Max fleet, which continues to remain grounded …

Cold-blooded killer who choked mother, 21, to death more than 20 years ago will finally face justice

24/04/2019 • 16:53 Daily Mail

Tracy Wylde, 21, was choked to death in at her flat in Barmulloch, Glasgow in November 1997. Chinese-born Zhi Min Chen, 44, has now pleaded guilty to …

Brexit news: Relief for May as Tory MPs' bid to change rules to topple her fails

24/04/2019 • 16:45 UK The Independent

Theresa May has survived the latest attempt to oust her from office after senior Conservative backbenchers decided not to change party rules to allow …

May safe to December as 1922 Committee rejects rule change

24/04/2019 • 16:44 Daily Mail

The Prime Minister survived a confidence vote at Westminster on December 12 last year, and current party rules mean disgruntled MPs cannot mount …

Mel B and Geri Horner REUNITE for first time after their lesbian fling drama 

24/04/2019 • 16:44 Daily Mail

The two singers, aged 43 and 46, put their rumoured drama aside as they teamed up with Emma Bunton and Mel C for a group …

Shane Long's quickfire goal reawakens the myth of Jim 'Pancho' Fryatt and his four-second wonder

24/04/2019 • 16:43 The Telegraph

Florida police duo who slammed black teen's head suspended as outrage grows

24/04/2019 • 16:40 The Guardian

Delucca Rolle, 15, pepper-sprayed and smashed to the ground Broward county residents lead calls for white officers to be fired Two Florida sheriff’s …

Virgil van Dijk 'beats Raheem Sterling' to Players' Player of the Year award

24/04/2019 • 16:37 The Telegraph

Extinction Rebellion: Climate protesters will end London road blockades, but hint more action 'soon'

24/04/2019 • 16:31 UK The Telegraph

Sri Lankan suicide bomber with UK ties is identified

24/04/2019 • 16:28 World The Guardian

Abdul Mohamed believed to have attended university in England then Australia One of the attackers who carried out the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri …

World's largest medical drone delivery network takes flight in Ghana

24/04/2019 • 16:24 UK The Telegraph

Gastronomic delights and museums galore in Sweden's second city – an expert guide to Gothenberg

24/04/2019 • 16:23 The Telegraph

Spanish woman loses custody of children for 'working too much'

24/04/2019 • 16:22 UK The Telegraph

Lyra McKee funeral: politicians urged to seize the moment

24/04/2019 • 16:22 World The Guardian

Clerics and relatives hope politicians present will convert shock into moment of change for Northern Ireland Mourners at the funeral of Lyra McKee …

Mum gets stubborn red wine stain out of grey carpet using £10 Body Shop butter

24/04/2019 • 16:17 Daily Mail

A mother, believed to be from the UK, has revealed a quick and easy way to remove marks from even the lightest of carpets. She praised Body Shop's £10 …