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China says mysterious SARS-like virus is 'controllable' as 17 new cases emerge ahead of Lunar New Year

19/01/2020 • 15:40 Environment The Telegraph  

Davos 2020 should be all about climate crisis but Trump won't admit it| Larry Elliott

19/01/2020 • 12:49 Environment The Guardian  

Subject was not an issue at forum’s first meeting in 1971 but should now be at forefront for US president Richard Nixon was in the White House, Mao …

Behind the smokescreen, the Coalition's stance on climate change hasn't changed at all

18/01/2020 • 19:00 Environment The Guardian  

If Scotty from Marketing and his coal-fired peers really believed in the climate crisis, they’d be doing something about it The speed with which the …

The ultimate carbon footprint: see the world in 24 days on a luxury jet

18/01/2020 • 16:00 Environment The Guardian  

Tailor-made tours for the wealthy elite are in demand. Champagne is included but there’s a high price to pay. Forget cruises. The super-rich have …

Beetles and fire kill dozens of 'indestructible' giant sequoia trees

18/01/2020 • 09:00 Environment The Guardian  

Deadly interaction between insects, drought and fire damage have forced California’s park officials to trigger climate crisis plans intended for the …

'This is not how sequoias die. It’s supposed to stand for another 500 years'

18/01/2020 • 09:00 Environment The Guardian  

Giant sequoias were thought to be immune to insects, drought and wildfires. Then the unthinkable happened: trees started to die – and scientists …

Don’t let prejudice against older people contaminate the climate movement | Anne Karpf

18/01/2020 • 07:00 Environment The Guardian  

Activists’ sweeping generalisations about older generations reinforce unfair stereotypes Last week Greta Thunberg and 20 other young climate …

Thank you, don't come again: The Simpsons' Apu will no longer be voiced by white actor Hank Azaria after accusations of racism

18/01/2020 • 03:29 Environment The Telegraph  

The week in wildlife - in pictures

17/01/2020 • 20:26 Environment The Guardian  

The pick of the best flora and fauna photos from around the world, including an iguana and an injured leopard Continue reading... …

Young sea eagle takes up residence among Oxfordshire's red kites

17/01/2020 • 12:39 Environment The Guardian  

Bird is one of six released on Isle of Wight as first residents in England for 250 years It is one of the country’s top predators, with a 2.4-metre …

Trump has savaged the environment. The planet cannot afford a second term

17/01/2020 • 11:15 Environment The Guardian  

The president just launched one of his most grievous attacks on the environment yet. Democrats must recognize the stakes What are the consequences of …

JRR Tolkien's son Christopher hailed as a 'titan' following his death aged 95

17/01/2020 • 07:32 Environment The Telegraph  

Friday morning news briefing: Big Ben Brexit bongs farce

17/01/2020 • 07:31 Environment The Telegraph  

Activists warn of ‘fracking by stealth’ and call for acid fracking ban

17/01/2020 • 06:09 Environment The Guardian  

Fears grow companies may use it to get around temporary fracking moratorium Campaigners have warned that the fracking moratorium announced by the UK …

Heavy rain brings relief to parched south-eastern Australia – in pictures

17/01/2020 • 04:25 Environment The Guardian  

Rain falls across drought and fire-ravaged parts of Australia, drenching cities and giving firefighters a chance to get fires under control …

If the bushfires won't force climate policy change, we need to circumvent Scott Morrison | Lenore Taylor

16/01/2020 • 20:51 Environment The Guardian  

The cabal of Coalition denialists calling the shots are still impervious to facts. But it’s not yet time to despair It’s time to face a dreadful …

BlackRock gets praise for coal divestment. What it really needs is regulation | Ann Pettifor

16/01/2020 • 17:27 Environment The Guardian  

For the world’s biggest fund manager and its fellow shadow banks, self-policing can never be sufficient Let’s not beat about the bushfires. It’s not …

'The moment of crisis has come': Sir David Attenborough issues urgent warning on climate change

16/01/2020 • 11:25 Environment The Independent  

Renowned naturalist calls on governments to make 'life or death …

Let's hope the no state aid to Flybe is true and stays true | Nils Pratley

15/01/2020 • 19:47 Environment The Guardian  

The rescue deal could prove a pragmatic fudge, as long as it doesn’t underwrite the owners The least surprising development in the Flybe saga was …

When it comes to growth versus green, the short-term view always prevails | Larry Elliott

15/01/2020 • 19:01 Environment The Guardian  

Ministers say they see no contradiction between expansion and the environment. Their decisions suggest otherwise Sea levels are rising and climate …