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Sudan's Bashir dissolves government as he declares state of emergency

23/02/2019 • 10:44 Environment The Telegraph  

Explosions and gunfire mark opening of polls in Nigeria

23/02/2019 • 10:43 Environment The Telegraph  

The 12 key shows from Milan fashion week – in pictures

23/02/2019 • 10:17 Environment The Guardian  

From Gucci’s power suiting to a gameshow that inspired Jeremy Scott for this season’s runway for Moschino, Jo Jones picks her 10 highlights from the …

Saudi crown prince defends China's right to put Uighur Muslims in concentration camps

22/02/2019 • 20:32 Environment The Telegraph  

Michael Jackson estate sues HBO for $100 million over Leaving Neverland documentary

22/02/2019 • 20:04 Environment The Telegraph  

Botswana may lift elephant hunting ban and turn culled animals into pet food

22/02/2019 • 20:00 Environment The Telegraph  

Indigenous woman shot dead, a dozen injured, in border clashes with Venezuelan security forces

22/02/2019 • 15:36 Environment The Telegraph  

'There will be no election for me': Week-long delay leaves many Nigerian voters in wrong place to cast their ballot

22/02/2019 • 15:22 Environment The Telegraph  

The week in wildlife – in pictures

22/02/2019 • 15:18 Environment The Guardian  

Pangolins, a mountain lion and a sad good-bye to Papua New Guinea’s Bramble Cay melomys Continue reading... …

Watchdog permits 170,000 wild bird killings in five years

22/02/2019 • 13:39 Environment The Guardian  

Exclusive: Natural England licensed killing or destruction of nests of 70 species, some of them rare The government’s conservation watchdog has …

We’ve had an apocalyptic warning: now will we care about biodiversity? | Martha Gill

22/02/2019 • 12:05 Environment The Guardian  

A UN report on shrinking species turns the focus away from bumblebees and on to us. It’s time for humanity to take notice For a global hazard to …

Bear Grylls could be fined for killing and boiling protected frog in Bulgaria

22/02/2019 • 11:39 Environment The Independent  

Environment officials say TV show violated national park rules on …

Pensioner who tends to memorial of US airmen who saved him arranges flypast to mark 75th anniversary

22/02/2019 • 10:22 Environment The Telegraph  

Parks and Recreation: Unlike the TV programme, there is no quick fix for the crisis facing British parks

22/02/2019 • 09:45 Environment The Independent  

Parks play an important role in the health of the nation, both physical and mental, not least as places where deeply divided communities can come …

School curriculum fails to reflect the urgency of the climate crisis

22/02/2019 • 07:00 Environment The Guardian  

Informed students are prompting adults to act on the issue I draw three circles on the board as my class watches. “So, what might this gas be?” …

Pictures of the Day: 22 February 2019

22/02/2019 • 06:31 Environment The Telegraph  

Pope Francis presents action plan for tackling clerical sex abuse but victims dismiss it as inadequate

21/02/2019 • 17:35 Environment The Telegraph  

Saudi sisters stopped in Hong Kong as they flee kingdom

21/02/2019 • 17:31 Environment The Telegraph  

Bankrupt businessman set fire to £70k cash after telling creditors he would rather burn the money than pay them, court hears 

21/02/2019 • 17:11 Environment The Telegraph  

Ban gas cookers and central heating to tackle climate change, MPs say

21/02/2019 • 13:23 Environment The Independent  

Advisers call on government to get serious on tackling emissions from …