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Isil Beatles: Government right not to block death penalty, High Court rules

18/01/2019 • 10:30 Environment The Telegraph  

Readers on coping with Australia's summer heatwave – in pictures

18/01/2019 • 03:44 Environment The Guardian  

Readers responded to our request for images of hot weather across Australia as temperature records tumbled Continue reading... …

SAS hero of Nairobi terror attack in line to receive George Cross

17/01/2019 • 19:53 Environment The Telegraph  

The government isn't quite ready to drop its obsession with nuclear | Nils Pratley

17/01/2019 • 18:51 Environment The Guardian  

Greg Clark knows nuclear can’t compete with the likes of wind and solar, yet he’s not giving up There was excellent news within Hitachi’s decision to …

'Tip-off from friendly intelligence service' led to arrest of suspected Iranian spy in German military

17/01/2019 • 16:25 Environment The Telegraph  

Brussels climate protest: More than 10,000 children skip school to join demonstration in Belgian capital

17/01/2019 • 15:33 Environment The Independent  

Students aim to turn rallies into weekly …

BBC journalist who revealed identity of rape victim during live broadcast was covering his first trial, court hears 

17/01/2019 • 14:21 Environment The Telegraph  

Gardeners warned after never-before-seen pest, which covers trees in 'unsightly' white strands, found in UK

17/01/2019 • 14:12 Environment The Telegraph  

End of subscription traps as Mastercard plans 'end of free trial' warnings

17/01/2019 • 14:12 Environment The Telegraph  

Nuclear power can be green – but at a price

17/01/2019 • 13:36 Environment The Guardian  

As Hitachi and Toshiba abandon plans for new British nuclear reactors, Damian Carrington assesses the merits of the technology Hitachi scraps £16bn …

'The truest free-range': why it's time to start eating roadkill

17/01/2019 • 11:00 Environment The Guardian  

Alaskans have been enjoying free, organic meat for the past 50 years. Should other places stop turning their noses up? My mother texts me four photos …

UK weather: Ice warning issued as freezing conditions grip country

17/01/2019 • 06:43 Environment The Telegraph  

‘Stop treating seas as a sewer,’ MPs urge in bid for protection treaty

17/01/2019 • 06:30 Environment The Guardian  

Paris agreement for the sea recommended as rates of plastic pollution to skyrocket A new global agreement to protect the seas should be a priority …

Revealed: the best age to get divorced to protect your children's mental health

17/01/2019 • 06:01 Environment The Telegraph  

Planetary health diet: Developed countries must cut red meat eating by 80% to protect Earth

16/01/2019 • 23:30 Environment The Independent  

Plan to minimise climate change and rainforest destruction while preventing millions of premature deaths would require developed nations' meat eating …

Schools with debating clubs or cadets to be rewarded under new chief inspection regime to help build resilience in young people, Ofsted chief says 

16/01/2019 • 20:44 Environment The Telegraph  

Robbery victim, 88, suffers broken nose and bruising after handbag snatched in broad daylight

16/01/2019 • 20:11 Environment The Telegraph  

Duchess of Sussex falls in love with rescue puppy and is called a 'fat lady' during visit to animal shelter

16/01/2019 • 19:54 Environment The Telegraph  

Hair found in search for Spanish toddler in stuck down well

16/01/2019 • 19:53 Environment The Telegraph  

Six in 10 wild coffee species endangered by habitat loss

16/01/2019 • 19:00 Environment The Guardian  

Kew scientists’ analysis of 124 wild species shows 60% facing possible extinction, risking viability of commercial stock Wild coffee species are …