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Outrage as officials recommend controversial mesh implant

1/04/2019 • 23:01 Environment The Telegraph  

Japan's war on whales isn't over – the Australian government must keep fighting | Darren Kindleysides

1/04/2019 • 17:00 Environment The Guardian  

Australia’s global leadership on whale conservation will be tested as Japanese hunters move to a different hemisphere Japan’s whaling fleet arrived …

France accused of failing to protect endangered birds

1/04/2019 • 16:48 Environment The Guardian  

Official complaint lodged with EU says rules breached on hunting and trapping Bird protection campaigners are to lodge an official complaint with the …

Insects have ‘no place to hide’ from climate change, study warns

1/04/2019 • 16:07 Environment The Guardian  

Analysis of 50 years of UK data shows woodlands offer no protection, and species are emerging up to a month earlier Insects have “no place to hide” …

Climate change is causing spring to start sooner, which could see food prices rise and insect populations collapse, study warns

1/04/2019 • 14:59 Environment The Independent  

Experts fear shift could have far-reaching effects for farming and other industries in the natural …

Air pollution falling in London but millions still exposed

1/04/2019 • 13:06 Environment The Guardian  

No breach of annual limits so far in 2019, after 2017’s first breach within five days Two million people in London are living with illegal air …

Butterfly numbers fall by 84% in Netherlands over 130 years – study

1/04/2019 • 10:47 Environment The Guardian  

European insect populations shrink as farming leaves ‘hardly any room for nature’ Butterflies have declined by at least 84% in the Netherlands over …

BBC Blue Planet row as presenter accused of allowing baby turtle to be eaten by seagull 

1/04/2019 • 10:25 Environment The Telegraph  

'I’m skint – I know why people buy cheap meat’: the truth about being a farmer

1/04/2019 • 09:00 Environment The Guardian  

From financial struggles to arguing with vegans, Sally Urwin’s new book lifts the lid on farming Spring in the countryside near Hadrian’s Wall is a …

Japanese cherry blossom in full bloom – in pictures

1/04/2019 • 06:00 Environment The Guardian  

Japan’s sakura (cherry blossom) season has officially begun, with crowds flocking to parks to photograph the early blooms Continue reading... …

Trees are at the heart of our country – we should learn their Indigenous names | Jakelin Troy

1/04/2019 • 03:48 Environment The Guardian  

From Australia to the Andes, indigenous peoples understand that trees sustain us and are part of our human world The last time I went back to my …

Last British civilian killed in Second World War died protecting her babies

1/04/2019 • 02:16 Environment The Telegraph  

Blue Planet Live: Seagull appears to eat baby turtle that BBC presenters were meant to be helping into sea, as millions watch live

31/03/2019 • 21:32 Environment The Independent  

'Can we just talk about what happened to the baby turtle - that seagull is a …

'Cow toilets' created by Dutch inventor in bid to tackle emissions from urine

31/03/2019 • 11:57 Environment The Independent  

'A cow is never going to be completely clean but you can teach them to go to the …

Birthrate crisis would require a whole new mindset on growth | Larry Elliott

31/03/2019 • 10:23 Environment The Guardian  

If population forecasts are wrong, developed countries will need to rethink immigration, healthcare and pensions It was Europe’s deadliest ever …

Earth Hour: Iconic landmarks across the world switch off lights to highlight climate change

30/03/2019 • 21:53 Environment The Independent  

More than 100 UK sites participate in international …

Trump issues new permit for 'climate-killing' Keystone XL pipeline in attempt to sidestep court ruling

30/03/2019 • 21:08 Environment The Independent  

Environmental groups says project 'was a bad idea from day one and it remains a terrible …

Rebel sheriffs fight back against gun curbs with 'Second Amendment Sanctuaries'

30/03/2019 • 16:40 Environment The Telegraph  

Earth Hour - LIVE: Watch as lights are switched off across the planet from Samoa to Buckingham Palace

30/03/2019 • 13:21 Environment The Independent  

Over 7,000 cities in more than 170 countries and millions of people are expected to take part in global switch-off …

Tiny toadlets from Brazilian rainforest have fluorescent skeletons, scientists find

30/03/2019 • 12:41 Environment The Independent  

Glow may be used to communicate with other members of their …