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Mice 'will die slowly and in agony' from poison in mass extermination by RSPB

20/07/2019 • 17:12 Environment The Independent  

Critics call for bird-protection charity to use more humane methods to save Tristan albatross from …

How melting plastic waste could heat homes

20/07/2019 • 16:53 Environment The Guardian  

Breakthrough means less pollution and lower greenhouse gas emissions It is a problem bedevilling households across the UK: what can we do with the …

Death and broken livelihoods: farmers and wildfires in British Columbia | Joanna Chiu

20/07/2019 • 09:00 Environment The Guardian  

As wildfires increase in intensity, how can farmers safeguard their animals – and their way of life? Two years after wildfires killed the pigs on his …

Driving test pass rate at decade low, as instructors blame new 'dangerous' parallel parking manoeuvre

20/07/2019 • 05:00 Environment The Telegraph  

Scotland generating enough wind energy to power two Scotlands

19/07/2019 • 21:07 Environment The Independent  

'Amazing figures' highlight consistency of wind energy in Scotland, say …

Holidaymakers warned of delays as busiest summer getaway for five years begins

19/07/2019 • 18:20 Environment The Telegraph  

Brexit activist Darren Grimes wins appeal against £20,000 Electoral Commission fine

19/07/2019 • 15:41 Environment The Telegraph  

Village phone box saved after Frenchman refurbishes it for just £30

19/07/2019 • 14:50 Environment The Telegraph  

What’s really behind the spread of Lyme disease? Clue: it’s not the Pentagon | Peter Beaumont

19/07/2019 • 10:55 Environment The Guardian  

After my tick bite I realised that the climate crisis was a more likely culprit than any conspiracy theory about weaponisation The first indication …

Extinction Rebellion protesters aren’t anarchists – we just want to save our world | Robert Rivett

19/07/2019 • 10:47 Environment The Guardian  

I was thinking of my grandchildren while I waited to be arrested on Waterloo Bridge • Robert Rivett is a retired GP and Extinction Rebellion member I …

Carbon calculator: how taking one flight emits as much as many people do in a year

19/07/2019 • 08:06 Environment The Guardian  

Even short-haul flights produce huge amounts of CO2, figures show Continue reading... …

Pardon the rant, but here’s why I love my Mooncup so much | Sophie Wilkinson

19/07/2019 • 08:00 Environment The Guardian  

Menstrual cups are eco friendly, save money and now are officially just as reliable as tampons If you’re a Guardian-reading woman of a certain age, …

Victorian recycling firm warns of landfill crisis if it goes under

19/07/2019 • 06:59 Environment The Guardian  

SKM Recycling says its collapse could mean 400,000 tonnes a year more waste sent to landfill A major recycling company feared to be at risk of going …

Why we're tackling the Etape du Tour despite our breast cancer

19/07/2019 • 06:01 Environment The Guardian  

Our conditions have forced us to temper our expectations, but my friend and I won’t let them stop us pursuing what we love A breakaway is a cycling …

Britons urged to help record influx of painted lady butterflies

19/07/2019 • 06:00 Environment The Guardian  

High numbers have reached UK in past six weeks and many of their offspring will emerge during Big Butterfly Count Wildlife lovers are being urged to …

Pictures of the Day: 19 July 2019

19/07/2019 • 05:33 Environment The Telegraph  

Breathalysers could be fitted inside the vehicles of convicted drink- drivers

19/07/2019 • 05:30 Environment The Telegraph  

Cigarette butts causing 'serious damage to environment', study on impact to plant growth reveals

19/07/2019 • 05:05 Environment The Independent  

Chemicals in filters thought to significantly reduce germination and growth of plants in areas where littering is …

Pollutionwatch: soot study shows harm from open waste burning

18/07/2019 • 20:30 Environment The Guardian  

Not only carbon dioxide but also soot released from fires has impact on global warming, study finds The focus on plastics in our oceans has …

Costa Rica to completely ban polystyrene due to environmental impact

18/07/2019 • 19:42 Environment The Independent  

Costa Ricans must make changes 'in our minds but also in our actions' to protect environment, president …