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So 1% of the people own half of England. Inheritance tax reform could fix that | Peter Hetherington

18/04/2019 • 14:29 Environment The Guardian  

I interviewed private landowners across the UK – if we want to stop them trading what is morally ours, we need radical change Four years ago I asked …

19-year-old Bangladeshi girl set on fire after accusing headteacher of sex assault

18/04/2019 • 14:12 Environment The Telegraph  

We are not yet doomed: the carbon cutters determined to save the world

18/04/2019 • 10:21 Environment The Guardian  

An orchestra, a village, an entire country: the movement to rein in greenhouse gas emissions is growing We are all doomed, it is said. Carbon dioxide …

Critically endangered New Zealand kakapo population boosted by record number of chicks

18/04/2019 • 10:20 Environment The Independent  

World's heaviest parrot species is undergoing focused recovery …

We must ensure US public lands stay public, or risk ‘demolition of society’ | Kate Aronoff

18/04/2019 • 10:00 Environment The Guardian  

A lawyer and longtime energy lobbyist, the new interior secretary, David Bernhardt, has one goal in mind: handing as much land as possible to …

Extinction Rebellion protests: Three climate activists charged over train demonstration in London

18/04/2019 • 07:10 Environment The Independent  

Two men and a woman who allegedly climbed on top of train at Canary Wharf station to appear in …

Mark Carney’s warning on climate change is timely, but it’s only a start | Larry Elliott

18/04/2019 • 05:00 Environment The Guardian  

The Bank of England governor spoke the language that the City would understand, but governments also need to embrace new ideas to help shift the dial …

Orchestra pits should be designated 'hearing protection zones' in the same way as building sites, court rules as ROH loses appeal against viola player

17/04/2019 • 20:01 Environment The Telegraph  

White House hopeful Pete Buttigieg has campaign events disrupted by anti-gay heckles

17/04/2019 • 19:42 Environment The Telegraph  

Spain's Socialist party vows to ban prostitution 

17/04/2019 • 19:41 Environment The Telegraph  

Treasured family jewellery among third haul of Margaret Thatcher's personal items to be sold off at auction

17/04/2019 • 19:05 Environment The Telegraph  

The Guardian view on climate change campaigners: suited or superglued, we need them all | Editorial

17/04/2019 • 17:42 Environment The Guardian  

The cause is being taken up in the corridors of power. We still need activists outside on the streets When Mark Carney sounded a klaxon on Wednesday, …

Libya violence escalates as shelling hits civilians in Tripoli suburb

17/04/2019 • 16:12 Environment The Telegraph  

Extinction Rebellion: Hundreds of arrests as protesters target London transport network and Jeremy Corbyn's home

17/04/2019 • 15:59 Environment The Independent  

Activists vow disruption in capital will continue for …

What unites naked protesters and Mark Carney? Climate change | Martha Gill

17/04/2019 • 11:30 Environment The Guardian  

Both Extinction Rebellion and the Bank of England governor have issued dire warnings about the threat humanity faces This morning two very different …

Notre Dame's rooster retrieved from rubble

17/04/2019 • 09:44 Environment The Telegraph  

The financial sector must be at the heart of tackling climate change

17/04/2019 • 05:00 Environment The Guardian  

A new report from the Network for Greening the Financial System shows the industry is key to achieving a low-carbon economy The catastrophic effects …

Climate change protest: Extinction Rebellion activists plan to disrupt London Underground on third day of demonstrations

16/04/2019 • 22:37 Environment The Independent  

'Participants will peacefully break the law in order to stop the Tube and...will wait to be …

Plastic litter in oceans has significantly increased since 1990s, study says

16/04/2019 • 20:12 Environment The Independent  

Researchers find plastic waste dating from …

Extinction Rebellion climate blockades – day two in pictures

16/04/2019 • 18:10 Environment The Guardian  

Protesters blockade roads and bridges across the UK in bid to draw more attention to climate change Police begin second wave of arrests in London …