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Pictures of the Day: 17 February 2019

17/02/2019 • 06:31 Environment The Telegraph  

Labour green group urges Corbyn to back second Brexit vote

16/02/2019 • 20:22 Environment The Guardian  

Socialist Environment and Resources Association says leaving EU will do untold damage to countryside The only environmental group affiliated to the …

Country diary: the place is awhirl in the wind

16/02/2019 • 05:30 Environment The Guardian  

Stamford, Lincolnshire: The trees are fretting. A horse chestnut, a sycamore and a now leaner birch, all of them making a squeaking creak Outside the …

News Corp attacks scientists assessing Adani coalmine – and ignores science

15/02/2019 • 21:00 Environment The Guardian  

Damaging the credibility of scientists when we need their fearless advice more than ever is socially irresponsible and morally reprehensible …

Prison nurse accused of stalking inmate after he ended secret relationship 

15/02/2019 • 18:15 Environment The Telegraph  

We failed the young on climate change – now we must listen to them | Jonathan Freedland

15/02/2019 • 18:01 Environment The Guardian  

Greta Thunberg led the way. Children skipping school to protest against global warming is an indictment of adult complacency Such is the upside-down, …

Nationwide UK student climate strike - in pictures

15/02/2019 • 16:57 Environment The Guardian  

Pupils from schools, colleges and universities walk out in protest against lack of climate action Continue reading... …

My generation trashed the planet. So I salute the children striking back | George Monbiot

15/02/2019 • 15:28 Environment The Guardian  

Across the country today, children left their classes to protest against climate change. This is my message to them The Youth Strike 4 Climate gives …

Great Barrier Reef at threat from dirty water due to recent floods

15/02/2019 • 14:56 Environment The Independent  

Floodwaters thought to contain dangerous chemicals are triggering algal …

Week in wildlife – in pictures

15/02/2019 • 14:30 Environment The Guardian  

Hungry polar bears, the oldest known breeding bird and a new frog species in this week’s gallery Continue reading... …

What the pesticides in our urine tell us about organic food

15/02/2019 • 14:02 Environment The Guardian  

A study helps answer a question many of us ask when deciding whether to buy organic food: does it really make a difference? When Andreina Febres, a …

Photo Dispatch: Syria's fight against ISIL

15/02/2019 • 13:26 Environment The Telegraph  

Climate change strike: Thousands of schoolchildren walk out of classes to protest ecological crisis

15/02/2019 • 13:08 Environment The Independent  

'Unless we take action, the future's looking bleak for those of us that have grown up in an era defined by climate …

Plastic bringing waves of alien crabs and fish to shores around the world, scientists warn

15/02/2019 • 12:57 Environment The Independent  

'Vastly underestimated' problem could see foreign species invading coastlines far away after rafting on …

I am taking part in the school climate strike. It’s the only power I have | Rosie Smart-Knight

15/02/2019 • 08:00 Environment The Guardian  

Today, thousands of students like me will leave the classroom – and make those in charge listen to us on climate change Today, Friday 15 February, …

By poplar demand: the 2019 European Tree of the Year contest – in pictures

15/02/2019 • 07:00 Environment The Guardian  

Voting is open throughout February for the ninth European Tree of the Year contest, organised by the Environmental Partnership Association and …

Married couple killed in crash while fleeing police were not present at burglary, it is confirmed

14/02/2019 • 19:01 Environment The Telegraph  

Oil firm bids to extend drilling off Dorset coast despite risk to marine life

14/02/2019 • 14:22 Environment The Guardian  

Corallian Energy’s licence was only to drill during winter to protect marine life off Jurassic coast An oil company drilling off the Jurassic coast …

‘They thought it was contagious’: Teenage mothers at risk from postnatal depression

14/02/2019 • 14:01 Environment The Telegraph  

Headteachers in a bind as pupils prepare to go on UK climate strike

14/02/2019 • 11:31 Environment The Guardian  

Unions urge pupils not to walk out of class but some schools may adopt relaxed attitude School leaders are having to wrestle with their consciences …