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Journalist Owen Jones attacked outside pub in 'premeditated assault by far-right'

17/08/2019 • 23:37 Politics The Telegraph  

Suicide-bomb rips through wedding blast in Kabul as dozens feared dead

17/08/2019 • 22:43 Politics The Telegraph  

Revealed: Full extent of Lord Mountbatten's role in '68 plot against Harold Wilson

17/08/2019 • 20:00 Politics The Telegraph  

VFS: Who is the company subcontracted by the Home Office to process visa applications?

17/08/2019 • 19:01 Politics The Independent  

The Dubai-based firm handles some of the most sensitive personal data held by dozens of governments around the world, including the bulk of UK visa …

How Home Office makes millions a week from outsourcing visas to Dubai-based firm accused of exploitation

17/08/2019 • 19:00 Politics The Independent  

Exclusive: UK government made £438.1m in the last year alone after outsourcing operations to a Dubai-based firm that has been deluged with …

Missed flights, 'aggressive' sales and long delays: The reality of Britain's expensive visa extras

17/08/2019 • 19:00 Politics The Independent  

One couple paid £450 for a priority service to visit the UK to see the Cricket World Cup – but the documents arrived three days after their …

Andrew Harper: Detectives granted extra time to question suspects over newlywed police officer's death

17/08/2019 • 17:43 Politics The Independent  

'We're in a bad place,' says 28-year-old's …

'Saved from a horrible fate': Legal heroin prescribed to hundreds of UK drug users, figures reveal

17/08/2019 • 17:38 Politics The Independent  

'Vital' treatment threatened by cuts to addiction services, risking 'untold damage', expert …

Three Billy Goats Guff and the no-deal Brexit troll – cartoon

17/08/2019 • 17:00 Politics The Guardian  

What’s that hiding under the bridge, as the parties bicker over a government of national unity? •You can buy your own print of this cartoon Continue …

Owen Jones: Left-wing commentator attacked in 'blatant premeditated assault' outside London pub

17/08/2019 • 16:02 Politics The Independent  

Police investigate Islington attack after columnist left with minor …

A trade deal with Trump will change Britain for the worse

17/08/2019 • 16:00 Politics The Guardian  

The EU has opposed brutal animal welfare and rampant tech monopolies. Post-Brexit Britain will be exposed to both A trade deal with the US would be a …

Richard Williams dead: Oscar winning animator who created Roger Rabbit dies, aged 86

17/08/2019 • 15:55 Politics The Independent  

Industry legend still working until 6pm on day he died, family …

Peter Duncan murder: Teenager charged over man stabbed to death with screwdriver in Newcastle Greggs

17/08/2019 • 15:05 Politics The Independent  

A 17-year-old had been charged with the murder of a "devoted father" who was stabbed to death with a screwdriver outside a Greggs in …

Anti-sex toilets to spray users with water jets when they detect 'inappropriate sexual activity'

17/08/2019 • 10:06 Politics The Independent  

Violent movement sensors would open doors and sound …

'Dangerous' man jailed for spying on young women having sex and walking around homes in underwear

17/08/2019 • 08:16 Politics The Independent  

Pawel Relowicz also admitted breaking into homes to leave unwrapped condoms and masturbating in …

Rapist escapes from Gloucestershire prison, prompting warning to public

17/08/2019 • 08:08 Politics The Independent  

'You are advised not to approach him,' police …

Conservative MP admits Commons cannot agree on plan to stop Boris Johnson forcing no-deal Brexit

17/08/2019 • 07:30 Politics The Independent  

'I'm not terribly optimistic about all this, because I don't see yet emerging an agreement', Oliver Letwin …

Sajid Javid refuses to rule out stamp duty reversal so seller pays

16/08/2019 • 22:57 Politics The Guardian  

‘I’m a low-tax guy’ says chancellor as he reveals he is considering policy changes The chancellor has refused to rule out reversing stamp duty so it …

Labour to give councils power to seize boarded-up shops

16/08/2019 • 21:30 Politics The Guardian  

Abandoned buildings could be turned into community centres in push to revive high streets Labour will allow councils to seize abandoned shops to give …

Facial recognition becoming 'epidemic' in British public spaces

16/08/2019 • 20:57 Politics The Independent  

Shopping and conference centres found to have used controversial …