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Republican leader tells 'white supremacist garbage' to stay away from Virginia gun rally

19/01/2020 • 17:09 Science The Telegraph  

Humans body temperatures are mysteriously getting colder, study finds

19/01/2020 • 13:37 Science The Independent  

Bodies now typically cooler than textbook 37C first established 150 years ago, study …

Trump's lawyers call impeachment charges 'brazen and unlawful'

19/01/2020 • 10:58 Science The Telegraph  

I thought I had hit the age of peak happiness. How wrong I was

19/01/2020 • 08:17 Science The Guardian  

As a study shows 47.2 is the height of misery, what is the economic theory and psychology of wellbeing – and does it offer a brighter tomorrow So,” I …

How to make the world happier – and why it should be our first priority

19/01/2020 • 08:00 Science The Guardian  

In this extract from his new book, the UK’s happiness tsar argues for wellbeing as a political goal as well as a personal one • Read our interview …

The five: changes in animal behaviour due to global heating

19/01/2020 • 05:50 Science The Guardian  

Species around the world are being forced to alter their diet, migratory patterns, feeding grounds and more Last week it was reported that rising …

Coronavirus: China reports 17 new cases of Sars-like mystery virus

19/01/2020 • 05:14 Science The Guardian  

Three of the new cases are severe, with experts worried about the disease’s spread ahead of lunar new year China reported 17 new cases of the …

Chinese engineer demonstrates how humans could grow flowers and vegetables on the moon 

18/01/2020 • 01:30 Science Daily Mail  

This week at London's Design Museum, one of the engineers behind the historic Chang'e-4 mission to the moon gave a demonstration of the spacecraft's …

NASA proposes mushrooms could build structures on the moon and Mars

17/01/2020 • 23:43 Science Daily Mail  

NASA scientists have suggested using mushrooms to grow habitats on the lunar surface and Mars, which could even lead to more sustainable homes on …

US military training could jam GPS systems for planes flying southeast and over the Caribbean

17/01/2020 • 23:12 Science Daily Mail  

The US Navy is conducting its 'Carrier Strike Group 4' training exercise that could jam GPS systems of planes flying southeast and over the Caribbean …

Leaked images of an Huawei's P40 smart phone reveal device has SEVEN cameras

17/01/2020 • 22:59 Science Daily Mail  

According to leaker of smart phone intel, Evan Blass, Huawei's next flagship will take some cues from competitors like Samsung and go all-in on a …

Björk creates an AI composition that creates music that creates music to the weather

17/01/2020 • 22:41 Science Daily Mail  

This week Microsoft announced a new collaboration with Björk to create a series of musical compositions with a custom built artificial intelligence …

Nestlé set to release 'eco-friendly' plant-based bratwurst and Chorizo sausages

17/01/2020 • 20:18 Science Daily Mail  

Nestlé is adding a plant-based sausage to its lineup of imitation meats that claims to taste as 'juicy and firm' as the real thing. The firm noted …

UK museums may have to follow 'decolonisation' checklist

17/01/2020 • 20:00 Science The Telegraph  

Apple customers say latest updates of $250 AirPod Pro killed the earbuds' noise-cancelling feature

17/01/2020 • 19:58 Science Daily Mail  

According to a report from The Verge , reports of a diminished ability to block out environmental noise - noise cancelling - have flooded online …

Local Alaskan pizza place flies 150 pies to customers each week in an airplane

17/01/2020 • 18:49 Science Daily Mail  

Papa Murphy's pizza place in Anchorage, Alaska flies hundreds of miles by plane to deliver about 150 pies each week that are flash-frozen for air …

Nocturnal animals first evolved to make noise so they could communicate in the dark 

17/01/2020 • 18:32 Science Daily Mail  

The ability of animals to make their own noise began 200 million years ago due to nocturnal animals needing to communicate, scientists from the US and …

The Guardian view on ‘flight shaming’: face it – life must change | Editorial

17/01/2020 • 18:30 Science The Guardian  

Individual choices will not solve the climate crisis but ministers should not be encouraging flying It started in Sweden, where the term flygskam …

New study shows millions of sharks have fishhooks stuck in their bodies for up to seven years

17/01/2020 • 18:02 Science Daily Mail  

Millions of sharks around the world are silently suffering the effects of commercial fishhooks embedded in their skin without any means of getting …

Violent solar storms are being generated closer to Earth previously thought 

17/01/2020 • 17:01 Science Daily Mail  

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles used satellite data to show that storms form when solar winds interact with the Earth's …