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The artificial leaf capable of producing 'clean gas'

21/10/2019 • 15:00 Tech The Telegraph  

Cranborne Chase area of national beauty becomes first ever 'international dark sky reserve' of its kind

21/10/2019 • 14:24 Tech The Independent  

'We think of our beautiful landscapes as being on the ground, but 50 per cent of our landscape is above our heads, in the …

Google Pixel 4: Update to fix security flaw in phone's facial recognition technology, company says

21/10/2019 • 12:51 Tech The Independent  

Handset can be unlocked even if you are …

Google Pixel 4 review: A phone so speedy and smart you forget how spectacular it is

21/10/2019 • 11:26 Tech The Independent  

This is a curiously mature phone, packed with hidden innovations and quietly unusual …

Russian hackers disguised cyber attacks using Iranian spying gang

21/10/2019 • 08:49 Tech The Telegraph  

Softbank's big tech bet Arm Holdings faces uncertain future

20/10/2019 • 15:39 Tech The Telegraph  

How successful was Britain’s plan for its own Silicon Valley? | Torsten Bell

20/10/2019 • 05:29 Tech The Guardian  

Policymakers might learn from London’s Silicon Roundabout experience Every city wants a cluster, a concentration of high-productivity firms and …

'Do you wind it up?': today’s teens tackle rotary phones, FM radio and map reading

19/10/2019 • 11:00 Tech The Guardian  

Their smartphones do everything, but can teenagers master old tech and life skills – from reading a map to setting an alarm clock? Three 15-year-old …

Special report: Amazon's extraordinary grip on British data

19/10/2019 • 11:00 Tech The Telegraph  

WeWork valued at less than the money invested in it under SoftBank rescue plan

18/10/2019 • 20:07 Tech The Telegraph  

How the wheels came off Facebook's Libra project

18/10/2019 • 13:42 Tech The Guardian  

Support for Mark Zuckerberg’s mission to reshape global finance is slipping away slowly but surely When Facebook announced plans to launch a digital …

Nasa astronauts make history with first ever all-female spacewalk

18/10/2019 • 11:45 Tech The Independent  

Two Nasa astronauts have conducted the first ever all-female …

Negative Facebook responses hidden during Zuckerberg's live stream on censorship because of algorithms

18/10/2019 • 10:18 Tech The Independent  

The platform filters comments on popular live …

Pokémon Center London opens to vast queues, as hundreds of fans wait for hours to visit pop-up

18/10/2019 • 09:29 Tech The Independent  

Store will only exist for a …

Gradient: Popular face matching app charges you £20 for using it – unless you tell it not to

18/10/2019 • 08:19 Tech The Independent  

How to unsubscribe and avoid being hit by a hefty charge for finding out who you look …

Three down: Internet still not working for some users as mobile network tells people to switch their phones off and on again

18/10/2019 • 06:51 Tech The Independent  

'This will help to reconnect you,' Three …

Stuart Russell on why now is the time to start thinking about superintelligent AI - Science Weekly podcast

18/10/2019 • 04:00 Tech The Guardian  

Prof Stuart Russell wrote the book on artificial intelligence. Literally. But that was back in 1995, when the next few decades of AI were uncertain, …

Mark Zuckerberg signals Facebook won't return to China as he calls on tech firms to defend free speech

17/10/2019 • 19:48 Tech The Telegraph  

Gradient: Is the celebrity lookalike app safe?

17/10/2019 • 18:02 Tech The Independent  

App also allows users ability to change their skin …

Samsung phones can be unlocked with any fingerprint

17/10/2019 • 15:15 Tech The Independent  

Phone company confirm issue and promise …