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Facebook internal memos 'leaked online' reveal 2013 privacy issue

23/02/2019 • 12:02 Tech The Telegraph  

Police say drones being used to vandalise homes and stalk victims, as reports of incidents surge 

23/02/2019 • 10:43 Tech The Telegraph  

Is Silicon Valley's quest for immortality a fate worse than death?

23/02/2019 • 07:00 Tech The Guardian  

Funded by elites, researchers believe they’re closer than ever to tweaking the human body so we can live forever (or quite a bit longer) China’s …

'Outrageous abuse of privacy': New York orders inquiry into Facebook data use

23/02/2019 • 03:21 Tech The Guardian  

Order follows report that Facebook may access highly personal information including weight, blood pressure and ovulation status New York’s governor, …

Confidential emails sent by Facebook executives leaked online

23/02/2019 • 02:39 Tech The Guardian  

Communications between senior figures, including Mark Zuckerberg, shed new light on data use Documents posted online Friday appear to be confidential …

Amazon barred employee with Crohn's disease from toilet breaks, lawsuit claims

23/02/2019 • 00:08 Tech The Telegraph  

'We won't be war profiteers': Microsoft workers protest $480m army contract

22/02/2019 • 22:00 Tech The Guardian  

Workers say augmented reality headsets provided to US army risk ‘turning warfare into a simulated video game’ Microsoft workers are calling on their …

Microsoft workers revolt against $480m contract to equip soldiers with HoloLens headsets

22/02/2019 • 22:00 Tech The Telegraph  

Medical app told Facebook when users were on their periods, investigation finds

22/02/2019 • 21:31 Tech The Telegraph  

Which new Samsung phone should you buy? Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy Fold compared

22/02/2019 • 18:00 Tech The Independent  

From the entry level Galaxy S10e to the Galaxy S10 5G – which smartphone is the best for you to …

Earth's atmosphere is far bigger than we had realised, scientists announce

22/02/2019 • 17:08 Tech The Independent  

The gaseous layer reaches out far past the …

Fortnite World Cup to feature $130m prize pot and a New York final

22/02/2019 • 15:24 Tech The Guardian  

Epic Games will host the year’s biggest video gaming event when the battle royale phenomenon’s top players go head to head The details of the first …

Pinterest offers cure to anti-vax propaganda

22/02/2019 • 14:22 Tech The Independent  

WHO says the anti-vaccine movement one of the worst health threats facing humanity in …

Galaxy Fold: What is the point of Samsung's new foldable phone?

22/02/2019 • 11:58 Tech The Independent  

It looks like other companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola and even Apple are also exploring the technology – but …

Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS: How does Samsung's latest phone match up to Apple's best?

22/02/2019 • 10:19 Tech The Independent  

Side by side, how do the Android and iOS flagships compare in terms of size, price, camera and …

Bowser takes over at Nintendo in US after Fils-Aime's 13-year reign

21/02/2019 • 21:11 Tech The Guardian  

Head of sales and marketing Doug Bowser to become COO after popular leader retires Nintendo of America’s president and COO, Reggie Fils-Aime, who has …

'5G, even 6G': What is Trump talking about in angry tweet about foreign companies – and is the technology he wants even possible in America?

21/02/2019 • 15:12 Tech The Independent  

'There is no reason that we should be lagging behind on something that is so obviously the future,' Trump …

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3: How the features compare 

21/02/2019 • 14:58 Tech The Telegraph  

YouTube being used by horrifying hidden paedophilia community in plain sight in comments under videos

21/02/2019 • 14:48 Tech The Independent  

Comments might appear innocent on their own – but are part of a much broader effort to use the site in abusive …

Fortnite maker pulls ads over YouTube 'paedophile ring' claims

21/02/2019 • 14:14 Tech The Guardian  

Epic Games joins Nestlé in abandoning video site over comments section scandal Adverts for Fortnite have been pulled from YouTube amid concerns that …