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Beats PowerBeats Pro review: Apple's fitness AirPods rock

19/08/2019 • 06:00 Tech The Guardian  

Bluetooth earbuds have long battery life, rock-solid connectivity and stay firmly planted on your ear The PowerBeats Pro are Apple-owned Beats’ first …

Child safety start-up SafeToNet raises £7m and seals deal with German government

19/08/2019 • 05:30 Tech The Telegraph  

Domestic abuse meets big tech: Chips with Everything podcast

19/08/2019 • 05:00 Tech The Guardian  

This week, Jordan Erica Webber talks to Anna, whose ex-partner surveilled her every move by using ‘stalkerware’ apps. Jordan also talks to MIT …

Does Southampton have what it takes to keep talent from moving to Silicon Valley?

19/08/2019 • 05:00 Tech The Telegraph  

Reinventing the seatbelt for the self-driving era

17/08/2019 • 13:22 Tech The Independent  

Synonymous with safety, Volvo may have come up with a way to safely sleep at the …

Chinese firm unveils electric scooters that can drive themselves to charging stations 

16/08/2019 • 16:14 Tech The Telegraph  

Instagram to let users report fake posts with special button

16/08/2019 • 15:18 Tech The Independent  

New feature comes as Facebook looks to limit spread of fake …

Borderlands 3 preview: The new gold standard for co-op gameplay

16/08/2019 • 15:02 Tech The Independent  

With just less than a month left to wait, Borderlands 3 is sure to be one heck of a …

Hundreds of Google employees urge company to resist support for Ice

16/08/2019 • 14:37 Tech The Guardian  

Petition demands that the company not provide any technical services to US immigration agencies, citing ‘system of abuse’ Tech giant Google is facing …

When will the iPhone 11 launch? Release date, features – and why this year's phone launch could be different

16/08/2019 • 12:34 Tech The Independent  

All three will arrive at one …

Privacy campaigners warn of UK facial recognition 'epidemic'

16/08/2019 • 11:49 Tech The Guardian  

Investigation uncovers widespread use in museums and shopping centres Privacy campaigners have warned of an “epidemic” of facial recognition use in …

Investigation finds facial recognition 'epidemic' across British shopping centres and museums

16/08/2019 • 11:26 Tech The Telegraph  

Fortnite BRUTE: Developers respond to 'remove the mech' controversy and explains why it put super-powerful machine into game

16/08/2019 • 09:53 Tech The Independent  

'The mission of Fortnite is to bring players of all skill levels together to have a fun experience where anyone can …

iPhone 11 release date: Apple seems to reveal when new launch will arrive

16/08/2019 • 08:01 Tech The Independent  

Launch event in California expected to bring three new …

Honor 20 Pro review: it’s all about the camera

16/08/2019 • 06:00 Tech The Guardian  

The best camera in the mid-range market, backed by good performance and long battery life The Honor 20 Pro is the new flagship phone for Huawei’s …

Alibaba revenues surge despite fears of economic slowdown in China

15/08/2019 • 15:31 Tech The Telegraph  

iPhone 11 Pro: New Apple handsets could change naming conventions, reports suggest

15/08/2019 • 14:53 Tech The Independent  

Apple faces complicated branding questions with new …

Uber spent $200,000 a year on balloons for its employees

15/08/2019 • 11:09 Tech The Telegraph  

What’s the best laptop for a student for under £500?

15/08/2019 • 07:00 Tech The Guardian  

Ruqayyah needs a laptop costing up to £500 for her teacher training course. What are her best options? I’m due to start my teacher training in …

Facebook's crackdown on dangerous content in groups could backfire, experts say

14/08/2019 • 23:23 Tech The Guardian  

Critics say ‘proactive’ approach could make questionable content harder to detect Facebook is changing its rules on private groups amid growing …