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Apple pays $1bn for Intel modem business as it seeks more control over iPhone parts

25/07/2019 • 20:55 Tech The Telegraph  

MPs to question Facebook over sale of data to Cambridge Analytica

25/07/2019 • 18:35 Tech The Telegraph  

GoCompare snaps up Dragon's Den energy switching site 

25/07/2019 • 16:32 Tech The Telegraph  

Fire Emblem: Three Houses review – fantasy combat meets college soap opera

25/07/2019 • 14:05 Tech The Guardian  

Nintendo Switch; Intelligent Systems/Nintendo This boarding-school daydream is grandiose and silly, but a gorgeous look and revised combat help it …

Xbox redesigns home screen and removes Cortana voice assistant

25/07/2019 • 12:37 Tech The Independent  

Update is intended at streamlining home …

Wolfenstein Youngblood review: two women blast racists into goo

25/07/2019 • 12:01 Tech The Guardian  

PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch; MachineGames/Bethesda The Nazi-splattering franchise returns, with thoughtful level design compensating …

Nike unveils new Joyride technology, which fills shoes with tiny beads to make them more comfortable

25/07/2019 • 11:20 Tech The Independent  

Joyride beads join other technology like Nike's Air sneakers, and looks set to compete with Adidas' popular boost …

Sage shares suffer worst fall in years as software sales disappoint

25/07/2019 • 10:36 Tech The Telegraph  

O2 5G network will finally start rolling out in October

25/07/2019 • 07:56 Tech The Independent  

Other networks are already offering faster internet in some …

Samsung Galaxy Fold release date set for September after folding screen fixed

25/07/2019 • 07:51 Tech The Independent  

The infamous folding phone will finally go on sale later this …

Fortnite World Cup: Live stream date, finals schedule, prize money and key players

25/07/2019 • 07:01 Tech The Independent  

Everything you need to know to watch and follow the biggest battle royale tournament in the history of …

Which is the best tablet for an artist?

25/07/2019 • 07:00 Tech The Guardian  

Hugh wants to buy his wife a new tablet to replace her old Samsung Galaxy 10.1. What are the options? My wife is an artist. She has been using a …

Tesla shares fall despite record car sales as it reveals worse than expected loss

24/07/2019 • 21:20 Tech The Telegraph  

iPhone hot: Why your phone is overheating and switching off – and how to fix it

24/07/2019 • 15:50 Tech The Independent  

Phones can start to misbehave with just a bit of …

How technology has ensured that a five-day weather forecast today is as accurate as a one-day forecast in 1980

24/07/2019 • 13:52 Tech The Telegraph  

Facebook to pay unprecedented $5bn to settle US privacy probe

24/07/2019 • 13:12 Tech The Telegraph  

Should tech companies be worried about DoJ's antitrust review?

24/07/2019 • 13:06 Tech The Guardian  

Action may finally be taken over accusations Facebook, Google and Apple have monopolised chosen fields The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has …

Amazon Kindle Oasis review: New 2019 model is warm and luxurious – but comes at a cost

24/07/2019 • 11:43 Tech The Independent  

This is the best money can buy. But it takes a lot of money to buy …

FaceApp: Netherlands police backtrack over calls to delete it

24/07/2019 • 10:43 Tech The Guardian  

Forces previously warned that Russian ageing app was not bound by EU privacy legislation Police forces in the Netherlands have backtracked on calls …

Facebook Libra scams offer to sell cryptocurrency before it even exists

24/07/2019 • 10:40 Tech The Independent  

Scammers claim to offer 'early access' to the social network's controversial …