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New Samsung phone patent reveals camera-equipped Galaxy stylus

7/02/2019 • 17:43 Tech The Independent  

Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks mean just about everything is known about the flagship smartphone. But the Note 10 is a different …

Instagram to ban graphic self-harm images after suicide of school girl Molly Russell

7/02/2019 • 17:21 Tech The Independent  

Instagram has committed to remove all images of graphic self-harm, the platform's boss has …

Creepy incidents with Nest cameras prompt password warning

7/02/2019 • 15:44 Tech The Independent  

'As I approached the baby's room and stood outside, I was shocked to hear a deep manly voice talking to my 7-month-old son,' one victim …

Facebook responds to viral meme that claims you only see news feed posts from 25 friends

7/02/2019 • 14:50 Tech The Independent  

It is not entirely …

WhatsApp iPhone update: How to enable facial or fingerprint recognition to keep your chats safe

7/02/2019 • 14:43 Tech The Independent  

Extra security feature slows things down but could stop prying …

Twitter continues profitability march despite shedding millions of users

7/02/2019 • 14:32 Tech The Telegraph  

Toilet leak on International Space Station causes 10 litres of liquid to spew into zero gravity

7/02/2019 • 13:39 Tech The Independent  

Nasa said the crew aboard the space station used towels to mop up the …

Twitter shares fall amid concern over falling user numbers

7/02/2019 • 13:38 Tech The Guardian  

Company reports 321 million active monthly users in fourth quarter, a drop of 5 million Twitter’s share price fell more than 8% in early Wall Street …

Facebook banned in Germany from pooling user data without consent

7/02/2019 • 12:01 Tech The Telegraph  

Samsung Galaxy Buds for S10 are like Apple AirPods but with one key difference

7/02/2019 • 11:39 Tech The Independent  

Galaxy S10 leak reveals a feature Apple has been trying to introduce for more than a …

European Space Agency announces new Mars rover will be named after DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin

7/02/2019 • 11:03 Tech The Independent  

The European Space Agency will name its new Exomars rover Rosalind Franklin, after the DNA pioneer, it has …

Facebook is finally acting in Myanmar. But experts warn its approach may be wrong

7/02/2019 • 11:00 Tech The Guardian  

The company has applied a “dangerous organizations” label to four separatist groups, but human rights groups criticise the action as “arbitrary” …

Why foldable phones are the next big thing 

7/02/2019 • 11:00 Tech The Telegraph  

Facebook banned from mixing up WhatsApp and Instagram data by Germany

7/02/2019 • 09:19 Tech The Independent  

Facebook can't mix up WhatsApp and Instagram data with its own unless people consent to it, Germany has …

How can I back up my bookmarks and access them online?

7/02/2019 • 08:00 Tech The Guardian  

Jenifer wants a backup while EC wants a replacement for Google+, which is shutting down I have a lot of bookmarked sites for medieval manuscripts on …

Barclays leads £10m investment into British loyalty points start-up Bink

7/02/2019 • 07:12 Tech The Telegraph  

British startup making Government smarter says hype around AI will ease off

7/02/2019 • 00:01 Tech The Telegraph  

Huawei security issues will take five years to fix, firm tells Commons

6/02/2019 • 20:46 Tech The Guardian  

Tech giant pledges £1.5bn but compares process to replacing parts on moving train The Chinese technology giant Huawei has said security problems …

Huawei addresses spy concerns to UK government

6/02/2019 • 19:02 Tech The Independent  

'Were Huawei ever to engage in malicious behaviour... it would certainly destroy our business," Huawei president Ryan Ding wrote in a letter to the UK …

Huawei says it could take 5 years to resolve hardware issues

6/02/2019 • 17:40 Tech The Telegraph