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Uber's self-driving car unit valued at $7.3bn as it gears up for IPO

19/04/2019 • 15:48 Tech The Guardian  

US firm received $1bn from consortium including Toyota and Saudi Arabia Uber’s self-driving car unit has been valued at $7.3bn (£5.6bn), after …

'Companies are seldom treated like this': how Huawei fought back

19/04/2019 • 15:02 Tech The Guardian  

To dispel US suspicions, Chinese telecom firm welcomed dozens of journalists into its labs A pillar box red electric train connects Paris, Verona and …

Avengers Endgame spoilers: How to avoid having the end of MCU film ruined after it is leaked before release date

19/04/2019 • 14:23 Tech The Independent  

Footage has been made available online, and avoiding it might be …

'Absolute unit': How MERL, a British museum of country life, became a viral sensation loved by the internet and Elon Musk

19/04/2019 • 12:52 Tech The Telegraph  

Amazon and Google launch free music services in challenge to Spotify

19/04/2019 • 10:19 Tech The Telegraph  

Facebook buries news that millions of Instagram users' passwords were stored in plain view amid release of Mueller report

19/04/2019 • 08:42 Tech The Independent  

Update came as world's attention was turned to attorney general William Barr's statement on Trump …

Facebook security lapse affects millions more Instagram users than first stated

18/04/2019 • 22:01 Tech The Guardian  

News that the company had insecurely stored passwords came on the same day as the release of Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report Facebook chose one …

Millions of Instagram users' passwords exposed to staff, Facebook admits

18/04/2019 • 19:40 Tech The Telegraph  

Pinterest shares jump 30pc as investors rush into $12.7bn IPO

18/04/2019 • 18:05 Tech The Telegraph  

Investors sue Lyft for overhyping IPO after shares fall by a third in two weeks

18/04/2019 • 18:01 Tech The Telegraph  

Pinterest shares leap 25% in spectacular New York stock exchange debut

18/04/2019 • 16:41 Tech The Guardian  

Latest Silicon Valley ‘unicorn’ valued at $15bn Popular digital scrapbook platform is close to making money Pinterest, the digital pin board company, …

Google lets Android users download rival web browser to ease antitrust concerns

18/04/2019 • 15:38 Tech The Telegraph  

Uber and Lyft drivers say apps are short-changing wages while raising fares

18/04/2019 • 15:35 Tech The Guardian  

Drivers for both ridesharing companies say riders are paying more for price surges, but drivers aren’t receiving extra pay Ridesharing companies Uber …

Exploding batteries and broken screens: the most disastrous smartphones ever launched 

18/04/2019 • 14:59 Tech The Telegraph  

Facebook uploaded 1.5 million people’s email contacts without their consent

18/04/2019 • 14:56 Tech The Telegraph  

Porn ban: Twitter, Reddit and Imgur can still show adult videos without age ID checks

18/04/2019 • 14:30 Tech The Independent  

Some websites avoid block and let people still watch pornography online for free without …

The sweat-collecting biosensor plasters which could end blood tests 

18/04/2019 • 13:55 Tech The Telegraph  

Mueller report PDF download: How to get explosive Trump document – and why it could be one of the most read files ever

18/04/2019 • 12:05 Tech The Independent  

Justice Department website will be the official home to the report – though free ebooks are already being made …

Facebook bans EDL, Britain First and BNP from social network

18/04/2019 • 11:13 Tech The Independent  

Supporting many of the UK's most prominent far-right groups will now see users kicked off the …

Facebook bans far-right groups including BNP, EDL and Britain First

18/04/2019 • 11:00 Tech The Guardian  

Number of organisations and individuals permanently banned for being ‘dangerous’ Years after the company first dismissed fears it was empowering …