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PewDiePie and T-Series settle legal fight over 'racist' diss track

14/08/2019 • 12:12 Tech The Independent  

An Indian judge described the video as 'abusive and …

Power Stone: the Dreamcast brawler that foresaw Fortnite and Overwatch

14/08/2019 • 11:30 Tech The Guardian  

Capcom’s joyful, rule-breaking gameplay laid the groundwork for today’s multiplayer shooters. Its producer and designer tell us how they did it From …

Snapchat Spectacles 3: Third version of failing sunglasses come with big price tag

14/08/2019 • 08:54 Tech The Independent  

Spectacles 3 are 'inspired by the human eye' and feature dual HD …

Facebook let people listen to recordings of people as they used app, company reveals

14/08/2019 • 07:17 Tech The Independent  

Findings come amid outcry over how tech companies use personal and intimate …

Sony WF-1000XM3 review: updated noise-cancelling earbuds sound great

14/08/2019 • 06:00 Tech The Guardian  

True wireless buds are Sony’s best yet, but where is the volume control? Sony’s latest true wireless WF-1000XM3 earbuds offer both noise cancelling …

Twitter will offer option to follow interests rather than people

14/08/2019 • 02:59 Tech The Telegraph  

Facebook has been listening to users' voice messages without their knowledge

13/08/2019 • 20:44 Tech The Telegraph  

Instagram users now able to create their own augmented face filters

13/08/2019 • 16:10 Tech The Telegraph  

Deepfake shows Bill Hader morph into Tom Cruise in CBS interview – video

13/08/2019 • 15:36 Tech The Guardian  

The creator of the mind-melding video says he wants to raise awareness of the potential of deepfake technology in the age of fake news and doctored …

Facebook dark mode is finally coming to mobile app

13/08/2019 • 13:05 Tech The Independent  

The social network is one of the last major apps to introduce the popular …

Google exploiting search monopoly to 'dominate' job recruitment sector, industry warns

13/08/2019 • 10:52 Tech The Telegraph  

China says state cryptocurrency set to rival bitcoin is 'close' to launch

13/08/2019 • 10:28 Tech The Independent  

Market analysts say 'economies risk being disadvantaged if they are left …

Doodle for Google: Why today's drawing by Arantza Peña Popo is so special

13/08/2019 • 08:31 Tech The Independent  

'I wanted to make it about my mother,' said …

Facebook cryptocurrency scams offering to sell Libra for bitcoin plague social network

13/08/2019 • 08:18 Tech The Independent  

Cyber criminals are using Facebook's own platform to run scams about the tech giant's new …

The Amazon advantage: Why its quest for dominance doesn't stop at online shopping

13/08/2019 • 05:00 Tech The Telegraph  

Blogging site Tumblr sold for 'less than $3m' – six years after Yahoo paid $1bn for it

13/08/2019 • 00:51 Tech The Telegraph  

Verizon sells Tumblr just two years after acquiring social network

12/08/2019 • 23:34 Tech The Guardian  

Web services company Automattic, best known for running, acquired Tumblr Sale price was not disclosed, but reports have put it at under …

Apple to pay hackers more than $1m to find security flaws

12/08/2019 • 18:39 Tech The Guardian  

Expanded ‘bug bounty’, announced at Black Hat conference, comes as governments and tech firms compete for information Apple will pay ethical hackers …

Telegram update brings new features that would make WhatsApp much less annoying

12/08/2019 • 13:50 Tech The Independent  

Silent Messages and Slow Mode features make app far less …

Twitch boss apologises after pornography shown on Fortnite streamer Ninja's dormant channel 

12/08/2019 • 12:55 Tech The Telegraph