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Mars Opportunity Rover: Nasa says goodbye to doomed space explorer after 15-year mission

13/02/2019 • 15:10 Tech The Independent  

'At some point you have to say "enough" and move on with your …

Instagram down: App and site not working as some users see Facebook error message

13/02/2019 • 15:03 Tech The Independent  

An error message from Facebook greeted visitors to the …

Metro Exodus review – embers of hope burn in postapocalyptic Russia

13/02/2019 • 15:00 Tech The Guardian  

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC; 4A Games/Deep Silver The latest in the survivalist shooter game series takes you out of Moscow on a touching, tragic and …

Fortnite dance lawsuit sparks Epic Games response: 'No one can own a dance step'

13/02/2019 • 13:27 Tech The Independent  

Copyright lawyer tells The Independent rapper 2 Milly and other plaintiffs could make a 'better argument' to sue over the …

Fortnite update delayed after mysterious issue with latest patch release

13/02/2019 • 11:41 Tech The Independent  

Epic Games said PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile players will have to wait for last update before Season …

Digital bank Starling raises £75m to fuel European expansion

13/02/2019 • 09:42 Tech The Telegraph  

AirPods 2 release date: New charging case could come before updated iPhone earphones

13/02/2019 • 08:30 Tech The Independent  

Apple's new wireless could bring a range of significant updates – but not …

Huawei tells New Zealand: banning us is like banning the All Blacks

13/02/2019 • 04:40 Tech The Guardian  

Chinese tech company uses full-page ads to push for inclusion in 5G rollout despite concerns it is a security risk China’s Huawei has taken out …

UK's first 5G industrial trial launched in bid to create 'smart factories'

13/02/2019 • 00:01 Tech The Telegraph  

Six things you'd go without if Britain shut off its internet to the world

12/02/2019 • 18:37 Tech The Telegraph  

Google parent Alphabet spins out kite energy company Makani

12/02/2019 • 18:35 Tech The Telegraph  

Dark web data dump sees 620 million accounts from hacked websites go on sale

12/02/2019 • 17:41 Tech The Independent  

Hundreds of millions of stolen details from Dubsmash, MyFitnessPal, MyHeritage and other previously undisclosed data breaches were listed on Dream …

Europe must avoid 'over-hasty' regulation on AI or risk missing out on economic benefits

12/02/2019 • 17:10 Tech The Telegraph  

New iPhone: 2019 model to keep same plug but also same slow charger, report claims

12/02/2019 • 16:36 Tech The Independent  

Apple's latest handset expected to be unveiled later this …

Apex Legends: Record PS4, Xbox One and PC downloads for battle royale game outshining Fortnite

12/02/2019 • 15:03 Tech The Independent  

With 25 million players in less than a week, the growth of Apex Legends is outpacing …

Google launches rival service to LinkedIn in the UK

12/02/2019 • 12:57 Tech The Telegraph  

British anti-fraud firm GBG buys out US rival for £232m

12/02/2019 • 12:48 Tech The Telegraph  

Gmail update: New options will transform the way you use your inbox

12/02/2019 • 12:00 Tech The Independent  

There's finally a useful right-click …

Meet the Hollywood investigator helping Jeff Bezos in his sexting feud

12/02/2019 • 11:00 Tech The Guardian  

Gavin de Becker has spent decades protecting the rich and famous. Now he’s helping the Amazon CEO take on the National Enquirer The National Enquirer …

Elon Musk reveals price of a ticket to Mars on board SpaceX flights

12/02/2019 • 10:04 Tech The Independent  

The return journey will be free, if you want to …