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Boris Johnson's father tells of relief after PM leaves intensive care

10/04/2020 • 08:28 UK The Guardian  

Stanley Johnson praises NHS but warns his son must rest before returning to work Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris …

How many coronavirus cases are in the UK - and where are they?

10/04/2020 • 08:08 UK The Telegraph  

Samantha Barks and Stephanie McKeon to star in West End version of Frozen

10/04/2020 • 07:00 UK The Guardian  

The pair will play sisters Elsa and Anna in the stage version of the Disney mega-hit when the Theatre Royal Drury Lane reopens later this year …

Boris Johnson will need period of 'readjustment' before returning to work, says father Stanley

10/04/2020 • 06:56 UK The Independent  

Stanley Johnson says whole family is 'extremely grateful' for efforts of NHS and huge outpouring of support for his …

Coronavirus UK live: Boris Johnson still in hospital as public urged to stay home for Easter

10/04/2020 • 06:40 UK The Guardian  

Robert Jenrick faces questions; PM out of intensive care; FCO charters 12 flights to bring stranded nationals back from India Latest developments at …

Postcards from lockdown: How Britain's oldest town is coping with coronavirus

10/04/2020 • 05:00 UK The Telegraph  

These are the NHS workers who have died from coronavirus

10/04/2020 • 04:45 UK The Telegraph  

Coronavirus: 100 days that changed the world (part 2) – podcast

10/04/2020 • 02:00 UK The Guardian  

After spreading from China into parts of east Asia, the coronavirus hit Europe with a major cluster in northern Italy. But while much of the …

Q&A: How long will UK lockdown be extended for, and could further restrictions be enforced?

10/04/2020 • 01:57 UK The Telegraph  

Boris Johnson in hospital for coronavirus – latest news on his recovery

10/04/2020 • 01:49 UK The Telegraph  

What is coronavirus, how did it start and how big could it get?

10/04/2020 • 01:33 UK The Telegraph  

UK coronavirus lockdown: how long has it been extended for, and have rules changed?

10/04/2020 • 01:19 UK The Telegraph  

UK universities plead for billions of pounds in support

9/04/2020 • 23:01 UK The Guardian  

Institutions promise to limit student intake and cut spending in return for bailout funding British universities have made a plea for billions of …

Thousands across UK applaud NHS workers on third week of #clapforcarers – video

9/04/2020 • 23:00 UK The Guardian  

Thousands of people across the country have taken to their streets, gardens and windows to pay tribute to NHS workers and carers for the third …

Lifting the lockdown: what are the UK's options?

9/04/2020 • 22:46 UK The Guardian  

Life is unlikely to return to normal overnight even once the battle against the virus is won, but several gradual approaches have been suggested …

Housing secretary defends visiting parents' home despite social distancing guidance

9/04/2020 • 20:13 UK The Independent  

Minister says parents asked him to deliver essentials 'including …

Covid-19: Hundreds of UK care home deaths not added to official toll

9/04/2020 • 20:00 UK The Guardian  

Exclusive: Industry body estimates up to 1,000 people may have died in care homes so far Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus …

Why even cabinet ministers must stay home in lockdown

9/04/2020 • 18:33 UK The Guardian  

Robert Jenrick is not first public figure to face questions over the following of lockdown guidelines designed to stop spread of Covid-19 The …

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson moved out of intensive care and will be 'closely monitored'

9/04/2020 • 18:21 UK The Independent  

Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care and back onto a ward, Downing Street has …

UK coronavirus peak at least two weeks away, chief scientist says

9/04/2020 • 18:17 UK The Guardian  

Patrick Vallance says deaths likely to keep rising for fortnight after ICU situation improves Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus …