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Superdry founder only reads emails if they are printed out for him by his staff

19/04/2019 • 20:30 UK The Telegraph  

Farming charity criticised for hosting vegan festival with 'aggressive anti-farming agenda'

19/04/2019 • 20:30 UK The Telegraph  

Gardeners persist in using peat, despite environmental pleas

19/04/2019 • 20:00 UK The Telegraph  

Democrats split on impeachment as controversy rages over Mueller report

19/04/2019 • 19:13 UK The Telegraph  

Children of California 'house of horrors' parents beg judge for lenient sentence

19/04/2019 • 18:56 UK The Telegraph  

Right-wing militia group detains 200 migrants at gunpoint on US border

19/04/2019 • 18:41 UK The Telegraph  

Police hunt killer of Lyra McKee as leaders unite in condemnation

19/04/2019 • 18:20 UK The Guardian  

Northern Ireland’s six main parties say they reject those responsible for journalist’s death A police hunt is under way in Derry for the dissident …

Korean pop sensation BTS go to top of UK album charts

19/04/2019 • 17:30 UK The Telegraph  

The Guardian view on switching off: seize the day – your smartphone can wait | Editorial

19/04/2019 • 17:25 UK The Guardian  

The long weekend is a rare chance for unmediated contact with the world and with our friends. Don’t miss it Spring has come to the UK. The weather …

Calls for calm in Northern Ireland after 'terrorist' murder of journalist Lyra McKee 

19/04/2019 • 16:55 UK The Telegraph  

Donald Trump spoke to General Haftar before US blocked British UN ceasefire resolution for Libya

19/04/2019 • 16:40 UK The Telegraph  

Detectives release description of Trainspotting 2 actor Bradley Welsh's killer

19/04/2019 • 16:15 UK The Telegraph  

Rowan Atkinson to sell his Mercedes 500E for the second time

19/04/2019 • 16:02 UK The Telegraph  

De Montfort University Chancellor has Ivy Club membership stripped

19/04/2019 • 15:46 UK The Telegraph  

Benefits claimant 'disgusted' by DWP after 'lying bitch' comment

19/04/2019 • 15:27 UK The Guardian  

Woman forced to appeal against incorrect PIP decisions three times in five years A woman called a “lying bitch” in official tribunal papers by …

Macron's polls rise to highest level since yellow vest revolt as French approve his handling of Notre-Dame fire

19/04/2019 • 15:16 UK The Telegraph  

'It's not an invitation to some wedding': Afghan peace talks break down as Taliban reject excessive number of delegates

19/04/2019 • 15:08 UK The Telegraph  

UK weather: Mercury soars as Britain braces for record-breaking Easter Sunday

19/04/2019 • 15:06 UK The Telegraph  

Baronet joins stately homes pledging oaks to Notre-Dame, saying he feels guilty for ancestors role in beating Napoleon

19/04/2019 • 14:57 UK The Telegraph  

UK weather: Bank holiday weekend could be warmest Easter on record

19/04/2019 • 14:36 UK The Guardian  

Met Office says peak temperatures expected to rival Turkey, Greece and France Britain could be in for its hottest Easter to date, with peak …