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View on HS2 from the Chilterns: ‘A big vanity project like Concorde’

21/08/2019 • 17:51 UK The Guardian  

Buckinghamshire villagers say project has already caused irreversible damage Frances Cutler, a resident of South Heath, a small village in …

South African court bars display of apartheid-era flag as racist hate speech

21/08/2019 • 17:40 UK The Telegraph  

Stretched British army 'leaning on' under-18s to fill its ranks

21/08/2019 • 17:36 UK The Guardian  

Army turning to younger, poorer teenagers to fill riskiest roles, say critics of enlistment strategy Britain’s stretched army is increasingly relying …

Pupils 'refusing to sit GCSE exams in new tougher format'

21/08/2019 • 17:36 UK The Guardian  

Leading teaching unions warn changes have left students stressed and demoralised Pupils have been so demoralised by the new, tougher GCSE format in …

The Guardian view on 16-year-old soldiers: armies are for adults | Editorial

21/08/2019 • 17:35 UK The Guardian  

With under-18s making up almost 30% of recent British army recruits, the UK is increasingly out of step That the British army has, over the past year, …

Mexico court allows recreational cocaine use in landmark decision

21/08/2019 • 17:22 UK The Telegraph  

Boris Johnson accepts Angela Merkel challenge to replace Irish backstop in 30 days

21/08/2019 • 16:50 UK The Independent  

Prime minister describes timescale for solution as 'blistering' during visit to …

HS2: how far has work got, and why might it be scrapped?

21/08/2019 • 16:41 UK The Guardian  

The High Speed 2 rail project’s future has been thrown into doubt as a new review begins Booming numbers of passengers on the railways from the late …

Qatar retracts support for China's detention of Uighur Muslims

21/08/2019 • 16:36 UK The Telegraph  

Steam driver shortage on Britain's heritage railways as call goes out for "new blood" 

21/08/2019 • 16:33 UK The Telegraph  

A glimmer of hope after the cuts that derailed the Welsh economy | Letters

21/08/2019 • 16:07 UK The Guardian  

The Heart of Wales line offers rare hope amid the decline of the railways, argue Keith Maton and Margaret Dickinson . Nigel Stapley says Wales as a …

Every child should have a permanent, secure home | Letters

21/08/2019 • 16:06 UK The Guardian  

Rev Paul Nicolson on an inadequate government response to the children’s commissioner’s report on homelessness, and Gary Martin on families in London …

The great British school holidays washout | Brief letters

21/08/2019 • 16:05 UK The Guardian  

Changing your name | School summer holidays | Socks | HS2 | No-deal Brexit | Today programme Apropos men who take their wives’ surnames ( ’My …

School bans fake nails because they are ruining girls’ handwriting

21/08/2019 • 15:37 UK The Telegraph  

EU commissioner launches withering attack on 'unelected' Boris Johnson

21/08/2019 • 15:36 UK The Independent  

Ireland's EU commissioner has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing the "unelected prime minister" of "gambling" with the Irish peace …

Supporters of British Consulate official detained by China stage protests in Hong Kong 

21/08/2019 • 15:31 UK The Telegraph  

Former top judge lambasts recent ministers in memoir

21/08/2019 • 15:27 UK The Guardian  

Lord Dyson, a former master of the rolls, highlights the difficult relationship between judiciary and senior politicians The former lord chancellor …

Schoolchildren break world record for playing piano simultaneously 

21/08/2019 • 15:02 UK The Telegraph  

Edinburgh Comedy awards 2019: surrealists, standups and sausage act vie for prize

21/08/2019 • 14:57 UK The Guardian  

London Hughes and Jessica Fostekew are among the comics on the shortlist of nine nominees, while Catherine Cohen is up for best newcomer The …

Comedian and HS2 critic John Bishop one of biggest gainers from controversial line

21/08/2019 • 14:49 UK The Guardian  

Bishop’s Georgian-style Cheshire home, one of 900 properties bought by delivery company, turned £4.5m profit The comedian John Bishop has been one of …