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Facial recognition is now rampant. The implications for our freedom are chilling | Stephanie Hare

18/08/2019 • 07:00 UK The Guardian  

This new technology is being secretly used on streets and in shopping centres across Britain, making potential suspects of us all Last week, all of us …

Work visa delays prove costly to foreign doctors, and the NHS

18/08/2019 • 07:00 UK The Guardian  

Complex immigration rules are putting patients at risk as hospitals struggle to fill vacancies, campaigners say Foreign doctors are being prevented …

In no man’s land: anger as publisher puts book criticising army on hold

18/08/2019 • 06:59 UK The Guardian  

Penguin group rejects claim of censorship after halting publication of Simon Akam’s The Changing of the Guard After beating four other publishing …

Reader, I downloaded him: boom times for the literary long listen

18/08/2019 • 06:00 UK The Guardian  

Whether on Radio 4 or Amazon Audible, the appetite for classic works in audio form has never been greater Four hours of Beatrix Potter, 10 hours of …

Pictures of the Day: 18 August 2019

18/08/2019 • 05:31 UK The Telegraph  

Special educational needs crisis deepens as councils bust their budgets

18/08/2019 • 05:00 UK The Guardian  

Observer investigation reveals 30% rise in overspending against backdrop of a failure to meet demand for services The funding crisis in special needs …

May I have a word about… commuter woes | Jonathan Bouquet

18/08/2019 • 05:00 UK The Guardian  

Bosses can use all the technology they like to monitor our journeys, but what we really want is a bit of human interaction In the week it was …

Those were the days – or were they? | Letters

18/08/2019 • 05:00 UK The Guardian  

I remember the 40s and 50s with fondness, but it wasn’t all sweetness and light… Jon Lawrence makes a good case about community life some decades ago …

Inequality in the north of England is about far more than race | Kevin Malik

18/08/2019 • 05:00 UK The Guardian  

Too many people are held back in life – but dividing them into categories doesn’t help Obsession with the “white working class” distorts the picture …

How the world's first heart transplant almost didn't happen due to medical 'rivalries and immense hostility'

18/08/2019 • 05:00 UK The Telegraph  

National Trust asks beach-goers to post pictures on Instagram to help monitor coastal erosion

18/08/2019 • 05:00 UK The Telegraph  

Scotland’s golden eagles are dying in agony, all in the name of sport | Kevin McKenna

18/08/2019 • 04:59 UK The Guardian  

Not even the survival of one of Earth’s most magnificent birds can be allowed to spoil the fun on the grouse moors Somewhere bleak and unforgiving in …

Search for boy, six, who fell into River Stour during 'family trip'

17/08/2019 • 23:02 UK The Telegraph  

Jihadi Jack: Isis fighter stripped of British citizenship by Home Office

17/08/2019 • 21:58 UK The Telegraph  

Police seize weapons as Portland braces for clashes between far-right and antifa protesters

17/08/2019 • 19:40 UK The Telegraph  

Owen Jones attacked outside London pub

17/08/2019 • 18:41 UK The Guardian  

Guardian columnist claims attack was ‘premeditated assault’ The Guardian columnist and activist Owen Jones has been physically assaulted in London …

Hong Kong sells out of face masks and shin pads (and cakes) in mini-boom from protests

17/08/2019 • 17:28 UK The Telegraph  

Last week, I gazed on a truly wild land... and saw art reflected back | Kenan Malik

17/08/2019 • 17:00 UK The Guardian  

Humans created their societies in defiance of nature, but it still has the power to instil awe Achmore is a nondescript hamlet on the A858 that cuts …

Archers matriarchs use their money to control their children, says Oxford academic

17/08/2019 • 17:00 UK The Telegraph  

'We're in a bad place' says devastated father of murdered Pc Andrew Harper  

17/08/2019 • 15:45 UK The Telegraph