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Women who were recruited from malls and universities were given a paper version of the survey to complete. These examples suggest that suggest that gender differences in the expression of alpha related traits may partially explain why research has predominantly focused on alpha males rather than alpha females.

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As such, the BSRI [ ] presents itself as an integral tool in the examination of the expression of the alpha female identity. For example, work has shown that collaboration in the workplace has a gendered component.

Similar to what has been observed with nonhuman alpha primates, Huxley [ 68 ] described alphas as having greater access to resources including, money, sex, and recreational drugs. Though not explicitly stated by Friedan [ 74 ], the inclusion of this interface with Schwartz may suggest that the idea of alphaness, as a male concept, is critical cultural terrain for discussions around gender, nature, leadership, and power.

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The 12 women who participated in their study had leadership experience ranging from 10 years to 40 years, held seeing variety of leadership positions, came from different industries and had different ethnic backgrounds [ 13 ]. When it comes to the alpha female and gender however, it gets a little more complicated.

Ward et al. To validate the themes an additional 4 focus groups and 10 interviews were conducted. These include qualities such as emotional intelligence, masculine and feminine gender-role traits, and self-esteem [ 11 ].

For a fun, safe and unique BBW dating experience, free today. The alpha Bbqs has also been described as a femme fatale or vixen, a successful leader, a harlot, a high-heeled powerhouse, intelligent, sophisticated, cut-throat, aggressive, confident and collaborative [ 715424370 — 72 ]. The SDOS has been used as a validated measure of social dominance in humans [ 40— ].

Further, Ward et al. Social constructs shape the way we see ourselves and others [ ].

Masculinity, femininity, and leadership: taking a closer look at the alpha female

Queries on key words and themes were used to analyze the data. To develop a measure of these traits a study of pre-existing survey instruments was conducted.

For example, males are more likely to take risks than females [ ]. The term alpha female also comes up in the bullying literature.

Associated data

Other alpha-status inclusion criteria included a GPA of 3. Academic and popular discourses surrounding the alpha female identity largely reference characteristics or traits that are based on traditional gender roles of males and females in Western society. This examination includes textual and statistical analyses of the qualitative and quantitative data collected from the academic literature, popular media, and most importantly, perspectives of women themselves through focus groups and interviews.

This example suggests that the blind application of primate studies to human behavior has the potential to influence various institutions, including politics.

Unlike alpha males who exhibit coercive behaviors [ 38 ], the nonhuman primate alpha female is described as choosing a more cooperative and communal approach to reaching and maintaining her alpha status [ 3 ]. An androgynous individual is comfortable engaging in both masculine and feminine behaviors [ ], allowing for a more fluid and flexible expression scc their gender unrestricted by traditional Western gender role expectations [ ].

Despite this, the focus Riverton men for sex social behaviorists has been on the alpha male, perhaps because of the underlying assumption that alpha males tend to dominate not only other males, but all females, including the alpha female.

Data collected from this review were used to conduct textual analyses to gain insight into the social construction of the alpha female identity. The purpose is to gain a more holistic understanding of alpha female and what if anything, distinguishes her from other women. Thus, asking whether women identify themselves as alpha female provides the opportunity to better understand the alpha female as an accepted form of female identity.

Participants were excluded if surveys were incomplete or had missing information. The coding strategy developed for data analysis included using nodes to identify themes within the data collected from participants.

The textual analysis allowed for a broad understanding of the social construction of the alpha female identity which facilitated identifying common, and recurring alpha female themes needed to develop Grece working description that would guide the research. The result, our not-so-real understanding of human behavior can have real impact on social, political, and even economic factors that influence the lives of many.

Early research on macaques and seekiing also emphasized dominance rank as integral to social cohesion [ 65 ].

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Although the composition of the leadership components of the AFI were different than Ward et al. Prevailing narratives and the discourses surrounding the alpha female as an archetype of female identity present her as enigmatic. If the Alpha Female-Masculine Hypothesis AFM holds true, masculine traits as indexed in the BSRI-M will predict alpha female status, and that compared to non-alpha females, alpha females would report, higher social dominance orientation, higher life satisfaction, being stronger, being less introverted, being a leader, be more sexually experienced, have sex more Hadley-MA oral sex, initiate sex, play a dominant role in sexual encounters, and enjoy sex more.

Social Dominance Orientation SDO is a belief system that represents a preference for a hierarchical society seking which some groups are more deserving of higher status than others [ ]. Examining this variability within the category woman, may yield to the emergence of a different gender, one that is perhaps at once both masculine and feminine or neither. The purpose was not only to analyze the discourse and narratives but also to assess what the alpha female identity produces for women in terms of traits, behaviors, beliefs, and practices.

Each person occupied a prescribed social position or rank exhibiting behaviors associated only with that rank.