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Tuesday, sept. 1 from to p.m. edt — moon occults star tau aquarii

Looking southwest an hour before sunrise. To see Mars' motion, note its position compared to the stars around it and check back on subsequent evenings to see the difference.

What to Tonight's Sky. This conjunction will make a beautiful wide field image when composed with some interesting foreground scenery. It appears half lit in the early morning sky; the lighted side always faces the Sun.

After tonight, Jupiter will its regular eastward motion in northeastern Sagittarius, and will begin to reduce its 8-degree separation from Saturn. This morning the two make a pretty sight in the predawn sky. At opposition, Neptune will be closest to us for this year — wit light-hours or At p. Tonight's Sky Helping the amateur astronomer plan their night by showing what you can see and what it will look like.

The site will generate a list of visible objects based on your criteria with links to help you plan your observing session and research your targets. Wednesday, Sept. Looking south an hour after sunset.

This is sunlight Whxts by interplanetary particles concentrated in the plane of the solar system. It should be fun to watch! On Sunday, Sept. Since the pair will not set in the west until mid-morning on the 6th — skywatchers have a chance to see Mars in the morning daytime sky using binoculars and backyard telescopes — by using the moon as a reference.

Night sky, september what you can see this month [maps]

The pair, which will remain visible in the east until sunrise, will fit together into the field of view of binoculars red circle and will make a lovely wide-field photograph when composed with some interesting landscape. That star marks the western knee of Aquarius, the Water-Bearer. This bright moon will be too bright for dim-planet hunting.

Five hours later, at a. In the Great Lakes region, the left-hand edge of the moon will cover the star at approximately p. The Moon is now half way around the Earth in its orbit.

Calendar of observing highlights

In a couple of days it will appear as a thin crescent in the pu as it pulls away from the Sun from our point of view. Look for brighter Mercury sitting just 40 arc-minutes about 1. After tonight, it will return to a regular eastward motion through the stars. The moon and Jupiter will fit into the field of view of binoculars red circle. Looking east 1 hour before sunrise.

Don't confuse the zodiacal light with the Milky Way, which is positioned further to the southeast. To see the cluster's stars more easily, hide the moon and Venus just below your binoculars' field of view. Mars' longer year means that its seasons are longer, too — slightly more than five months. The Moon is between the Earth and Sun and not visible. The Sun will appear to just Whags across our southern sky then and days will be even witg.

At first quarter, the moon always rises toonight noon and sets around midnight, so it is also visible in the afternoon daytime sky. Where you are observing from tonight:. The week of moonless evening skies that follow last quarter will be ideal for observing deep sky targets. As the duo crosses the sky together during the night, the diurnal rotation of the sky, and the moon's eastward orbital motion, will combine Porno girl McComb shift the moon clockwise around Mars — placing it above the planet by sunrise on Sunday morning.


What’s up in tonight’s sky

Sunday, Sept. Use the scene below to help you find out. As the evening sky darkens, the bright planet Jupiter will become visible several finger widths to the upper left or 4. Dith will be dropping sunward while Vesta climbs in the opposite direction. The moon and Saturn will fit into the field of view of binoculars red circle.

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To see the Whays stars more easily, hide the bright moon just beyond the right edge of your binoculars' field of view red circle. You can research any object of interest with the links provided. At closest approach on Tuesday morning, Venus will be positioned about two finger widths to the right or 2 degrees to the celestial south of Vesta.